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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B&B LAWN, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. B&B LAWN

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    Need some help with this bid. Got a call yesterday and they want me to bid on this cemetary. It is relatively small and they want year-round care. The only thing is that there are a s%#t ton of trees and this will be a nightmare in the winter months with the leaves and all. They want a yearly price also. And also the property goes all the way back to the old Ford pick-up you can see in the background. Thanks for any help.





  2. DaughtryLC

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    I cut a large Cemetery. make sure this is a job YOU want! The Cemetery I cut lets me Roundup around the stone as long as it does not exceed 6", but with a 4 acre cemetery this is still a roundup nightmare! dont get me wrong a cemetery CAN be good $$ Also it is hell on a mower. In the pics it looks like there is alot of bare spots this will be tough on spindles. My best advice is think about how long it will take each time you are there for all 12 months. Use your hrly rate for every hr. you come up with. Do not do this job solo it will bog you down and you will not be able to do other jobs. I am lucky to have a friend that helps me on my big jobs. DO NOT UNDER BID!!!!!!
  3. Grits

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    1 million dollars!!!!!
  4. All_Toro_4ME

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    I guess i must be missing it, but the cemetary looks like mostly dirt and dry spots. Very little grass except the first pic.
  5. JTF40

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    Those photos are a SHAME - someone's head should roll for letting that resting place look like that. SO DISRESPECTFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. lawnpro724

    lawnpro724 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Not much to do there unless they want you to redo the whole lawn. There isn't much lawn there at all, from what I see its hard to give an estimate for mowing. Cleanup would be somewhere between $1500-$2000 but again its hard to say without being there.
  7. B&B LAWN

    B&B LAWN LawnSite Senior Member
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    you guys are right, there isnt a whole lot of grass but what about all the leaves in the winter time?
    are you suggesting that the clean-up shall be $1500 - $2000 per visit? they are wanting this done on a regular basis. how many hours would it take you guys to do this and how many crew members?
  8. jbell113

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    I would mow it twice a month for $200. Theres just not that much grass to cut. Round up the areas that dont have much grass growing and in the winter I would blow the leaves out into the woods.
  9. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    If i had someone there there would be big problem for the way it looks!!! There is no reason for this!!!
  10. lawnpro724

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    Just one visit when all the leaves are down it would take better part of a day to do w/3 guys two running Echo's 755 and one on Echo 403, rakes, tarp and someplace to burn all those leaves. We don't take them unless its a small lawn and they won't let us burn, then there,s an extra charge to take the leaves with us.

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