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    hey, i would like to know if there is any method to the madness of cutting names into yards, like a certain technique. I've been in the business for some time now, and as my company grows, i get more requests for a wider variety of things. If anyone has any tips, let me know.
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    Dont exactly know what u mean by "cutting names in yards", but Ive heard of guys using powdered chalk to create messeges for special occasions. It doesnt hurt the lawn and can be washed off after its no longer needed
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    You can also buy different colors of turf paint, much like you see in endzones of football fields.

    I suppose you could also cut the grass 1/2" taller, then go in with a push mower or so, 1/2" shorter than you normally would, maybe 1", and cut a message in the grass.

    Don't know how well you'd see it though.
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    I once cut the "F U" in a customers front lawn. We had a relationship that lasted 27 yrs till he sold his house and moved to a condo. He's still a good friend, but at times he really tried my patience. Had to know what day I was coming. What time, etc. Needed to know this so HE could do the weed whacking the day before I came. I finally had enough one day and went over and unloaded the push mower and cut all 4 letters in one at a time. Shut the mower off after cutting each one and then picked the mower up and set it down to do the next letter. One of his kids asked what I was doing and I just told him to go up to his Dad's room and look out the window. He came running down the stairs laughing his azz off and told his brother to go have a look. He was a little pissed when he saw it, but I was there the next day to cut the whole lawn and that was the end of that.
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    For a season long message use Glyphosate, just make sure you spell correctly as there is no white out available for a mistake. :waving:

    I have thought of your question also and would say that can be a timely proposition. Deck adjustments can be made easily but you would almost have to map out your path prior to getting started. I would think some landscape spray paint and a tape measure with stakes would do. I have seen some pics on here where someone did that with a flag . It is impressive from the air.
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    Use a drop spreader
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    you can use a small roller, a broom and a back of a plastic garden rake. Just brush,roll or rake the grass in the same direction. Its the same way to stripe a lawn. It all has to do with light reflecting off the grass.

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