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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ray & Karen, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Ray & Karen

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    I have a bit of a delemma on my hand, and could use a few differing opinions. The Air Force has decided to transfer me again, and I will soon begin establishing yet another client base. My delemma begins with my new company name. I can't decide whether to go with something catchy and easy to remember Vs. naming my business after the suburbia where I now live. The reason I would like to name it after the location is in an effort to keep my route short and more profitable. I want to primarily target this area. The downside to this is that I do not want to alienate those potential customers outside of my locale. Any constructive remarks would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. ElephantNest

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    How about naming it in regards to the county name instead of the town name, then you can say locally operated out of *Town name*, serving all of *County name*?
  3. GreenLines

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    I had the same problem with moving around and came up with the name GreenLines Lawn & Landscaping, I asks my new cusomers if it was the name they looked at first, Most told me that it was the work they saw that I do.
    I dont think its so inportent whats in a name, its the level of work that you do, Do a better job then anyone other and they will come.
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi Ray & Karen,

    If you move around a lot, a non-geographic name might work well when you need to transfer it. How about combining your names? KarRay Lawns. Or something like that?
  5. ICE

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    Hey Gopher, I like that! I think that maybe K-Ray lawns or Ray-K landscape. How 'bout 'Everyone loves Rays lawn' LOL. :cool2:

  6. cantoo

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    Ray, our company name uses part of my wife's and my name. We also have a catch phrase under our name. It would work good for you because you could just change the catch phrase to match wherever you live and could even change it each time you move. Here is a bad pic of our logo and the catch phrase.
    Dalbet from Dale and Betty our catch phrase is "Serving the Lake Huron Shoreline from Goderich to Kincardine" These are two Towns about 40 miles apart near us, we don't actually serve this whole area regularly because it's too far to drive everyday but if someone calls with a good enough one time deal we can price it good and maybe get it then it's worth the drive.
  7. trying 2b organic

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    On one hand the naming after your suburb is a good idea because you WANT to aleinate people in other areas so they wont waste thier time calling you and you can have a tight route.
    I tell people all the time that i wont go to the other side of town and im always paraniod that they think im judging them for living on the "bad" side of town. But really i just want my routes tight. A neighbour named his lawn biz "northside lawncare". its boring but it cuts down on unwanted calls im sure.

    On the other hand, for you, I strongly recommend a generic name in case you move again. There is a ton of cash in the logo, boxes of envelopes, custom invoices. This is all on the tip of my brain because I am changing my logo and calculating how much money its going to cost me. You cant change all these and more every time you move, an unnessasary additional hardship. (as if getting a whole new client base isnt enough)
  8. Ray & Karen

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    I appreciate the advice given from all of you. Here is what I have come up with. I am going to name my company after the end of town that I reside in so that I catch the attention of those potential clients living nearest to me, but not to alienate those one time big paying jobs, I will add the phrase "serving all areas" I am hoping that this will work to get the attention of my target market the best. I may borrow a few ideas from the suggestions given.


  9. ICE

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    Ray, that's alright, just totally disregard the idea that I stole from Gopher and go with whatever you feel like! I have feelings too ya know! Just joking with ya! :cool2:

    I am sure that whatever you go with is in your (family and business alike) best intrest. Good luck to you both!

    Tim. :waving:
  10. Ray & Karen

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    I actually like the idea that you stole from Gopher, and am going to use "Everybody loves Ray's lawns" Let him know I said thank you.

    PS Have him give you a hug as well. Mr. Sensative.

    Just kidding.


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