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Naming your lawn care business + how


LawnSite Fanatic
Just curious as to how you chose to "name" your lawn company??

I've seen lots of good ones. Just curious. rscvp

Okay...here's mine: "American Lawn Care">>>>>>>>>>>

I gave alot of thought, but it seemed like the name I was most proud of.

"America" -- love it or leave it.

I was raised on an Iowa farm by Great Depression-era farm parents.

One of our neighbors lost his life in the "Battle of the Buldge".

My father-in-law was Army Air Corps late WW II + Korea.

My cousin (grew up a mile away on a nearby farm) flew 178 ground support sorties in Viet Nam. Ended up General in the 135th Air Guard.

Our "hired hand" from our farm fought in Viet Nam 1967 - 1969.

My best friend (Blair, Nebraska) was twice wounded in Viet Nam.

My son-in-law...already one tour (one year) in Iraq. 82nd Airborne, Army sniper (category III), Ranger -- black op's too back in the 90's.

Several more examples including great grandfather, grandfather, cousins, etc that ALL risked their lives for our Country.

"American" was a no-brainer for me. Will I vote for hillary or obama??..
I think you know the answer.



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Pinckney, MI
It should be something that you can have pride in and sounds professional. Sounds like you have that covered. Good luck in your endeavor.:usflag:


LawnSite Senior Member
post 9/11 i've noticed many new companies which have a patriotic name pinned to them, pool companies, plumbers, electricians, you get the point

but would "american" include canada, mexico, brasil, chile, etcetera


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Cleveland, Ohio
You would need to register that name with the state of Iowa. You should be able to apply online to see if it is available. Google is your friend.


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American Lawn Care is a registered tradename for the entire state. Nobody else can use it.

There are other American Lawn Care companies in the USA - 5 or 6.

People often ask us if we are a franchise. We tell 'em no. I explain that we pattern our company after the "original" ChemLawn (the pioneers of professional lawn care). People like that. We do too.

Hat's off to the Duke brothers. They were the TRUE pioneers. They started out in Troy, Ohio with a lawn & garden nursery. They were very honest, and they cared about customers.

Their 1st lawn spray truck = hand rolling a spray hose onto a flatbed truck back in the sixties.

We have had many requests regarding service as far out as Florida & California. Cuz of referrals. Yes-we have a fine reputation.

I figure the Duke brothers are probably rolling over their graves because of what ChemLawn has turned in to.

ChemLawn has been bought out by:

Waste Management
and later this summer...again

I started with ChemLawn in 1978. Back then, they had 3 research stations and an R & D department. Now....nothing. Just telemarketers & door to door sales people. Sad.


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Joplin, Missouri
A business name should be descriptive enough that as soon as the potential customer hears it, they know exactly what you do.

Try to not let ego get involved.. "Joe's lawn service" is a poor name, but maybe "Mow-Joe" isn't... I know a lot of the biggest companies in the world are named after poeple.. and not services. but I think that just makes it harder to get started.

A local company just popped up here by the name of 'all american dream lawn' I don't know how the customers see it.. but I see new businesses with 'america' in the name as trying to play off of recent events and the rise in patriotisim.. which doesn't have anything to do with lawn maintenance.. so I think it's an attempt to misdirect the customer..