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Click On Edit (this post) and you can see how it is done.<p>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt; Oil Filter Study &lt;/a&gt;<p>I have used Wix and I think they are good filters, but after reading this numerous times, I still haven't read where this dude says that Wix are the best. <p><font size="1">Edited by: Keith


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I dont think he said they were the best, but in the top 2-3.<br>BTW his test was done purely by cutting the filter apart and looking at the media and by pass spring and retainer.<br>There was no actual testing of the filter to see how it did screing the oil.<br>the point about engine failure being tracked back to a filter is exactly what the former frame employee was quoted as being frams in house motto. Why build a good one when a cheapy will get us by.<br>What he did find in the Allied Signal made filters, was the bypass spring and retainer so poorly made that in more than 50% of the filters, the oil would just bypass the filter. So you had in effect no filtration.<br>I think that regular changing of the oil and filters, is what gives longevity to our engines. <br>Dino

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