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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bsalter5, May 17, 2007.

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    I have 3/4 acres that I mow weekly. It is mostly fast growing bermuda, with taller fescue under trees. The yard is flat. I have to get through a 48" gate to get into the front yard. I hate weed whacking, so want good trim capability.

    I'm looking to get a mower that ideally can mulch with good results. If (when!) the grass gets too tall, I'll side discharge. I hope not to have to fool with bagging.

    After looking around and reading these forums, I've got it pretty well narrowed down to either a Hustler Mini FasTrack (36" or 42") or Gravely (44Z or 34Z).

    I'm torn between getting the smaller ones (which would allow me to mow between raised garden beds and in a couple tight areas) and the larger ones, which should get me finished quicker.

    The Gravely 34Z is about $500 - $600 more than the 36" MFT (with the 16hp Honda). The Gravely seems even tougher built, and has bigger wheels, 17hp Kawi, individual pumps and drive motors, better access to deck belts and spindles, higher top speed (I think the MFT is fast enough though), and higher blade tip speed. It also has more deck height range (1" - 5"), which might be useful for my fescue areas or after a summer trip where the grass gets really tall.

    The Hustler is less expensive, and, from what I've read, a good to very good mowing machine. I like the lower seat height and control location slightly better than the Gravely.

    Both dealers seem great. I'm going to try to get a test drive in both to see if that helps.

    For my use, am I likely to notice the Gravely's higher top speed, blade speed, and power? Does anyone know which machine cuts better - both mulching and when discharging?

    I suspect I'd love either machine...

    Thanks for any help!

  2. wolfsburg57

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    I think either would work very well, but I would wonder about the overhang (or lack of) on the gravely 34z when you mention you want good trimming.

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