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    So for the six time I got free tix from Lowes for being a loyal customer... I however have never used them myself, always given them to the guys. Anyways, my wife found out there was free food there, and we HAD to go. I'm not a huge nascar fan, but we went. Have to say it was a pretty good experience, pretty much family friendly except towards the end when some folks alcohol had time to set in. Pieng did get to meet the new maytag repair man, Chad, he's a real nice guy, but dwarfed my 6' stature at 6'7" so I don't know how he'd wiggle in to fix too many appliances.





  2. BrandonV

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    i will say this, i don't know how people can go to a day race in the summer, this night race is the way to do it. I was a nice day yesterday, but I can imagine sitting out there in the sun on a 90˚ sunday. I did however keep calling the guy driving the red bull car David Coulthard, but that's because he drives the REAL red bull car.*trucewhiteflag*
    note all pics are from the iphone, it doesn't have the shutter speed require to do this me thinks.




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    NASCAR's future with $200 crude
  4. Dripit good

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    The pics look good, and so does Pieng! :clapping:
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    nice pics, lowes is a very nice track and I remember the first time I witnessed the cars going almost 200mph it was unreal... most think nascar and rednecks but the ticket prices are so high, the true rednecks cannot even afford the cheap seats....Yes it can be brutal in the summer...Darlington and Daytona in the summer was brutal....
  6. hoskm01

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    Looks like fun. Always a crowd though, but what isnt these days.
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    actually where he is at over in the diamond tower IS the cheap seats. you really couldn't have picked a better race than the all star race to go to. Short race. USUALLY a bunch of wrecks but the race this year was lame. Wife and I went to the all star race back in 05. Was actually kind of chilly. had to wear a sweatshirt and I'm hot natured. To experience a TRUE night race, go up to Bristol in August. Lowe's is a great track. Unfortunately, there are always a few boneheads who have too much to drink, but you'll have that at ANY sporting event. It's not exclusive to NASCAR.
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    lowes sure looks like a nice place .

    hopefully smoke gets on the good foot
    and puts that punk kyle in his place this saturday ..:p:D
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    Lowes is a great track with the best promoter the world has ever known in Humpy Wheeler. they even have an all you can eat ticket this year in the diamond tower. charlotte is a race fan's disney world. when we went, we visted tons of race shops including DEI and Childress. Got to meet Danny Myers who was Earnhardt Sr's gas man for years. I wanna go back something awful real soon.

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    I am so out of the loop on NASCAR speak. Debating on picking up another sport to follow besides baseball, football, and basketball. Thought about NASCAR but have decided on English Soccer.

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