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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by Coderedpl, May 29, 2011.

  1. Coderedpl

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    So I've searched a bit and noticed a few threads mentioning Long Island but they were pretty old. So here is 2011 Version.

    live in Valley Stream, NY. Do not have a business nor do I work for one, but I've tried to get the lawn on the property nicer looking.

    Currently have a
    Walk-behind lawn mower (forgot which company to be honest lol, need to check it)
    Ryobi 4-Cycle Straight Shaft
    --Trimmer Attachment
    --Edger Attachment

    Ariens 9 in. Gas Walk-Behind Wheeled Edger (I've read many good things about it and it seems like it can be used for more than just edging by the concrete edges)

    and a backpack blower (forgot the brand of that too lol)
    I've toyed with the idea of starting a business but damn, sounds like a PITA!!! lol
  2. silverthumb

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    Hey Coderedpl,
    It's nice to see another south shorer' on here, I'm in Oceanside. Sounds like you have some great gear to use in getting that property nicer looking, how's it working out? I was in a similar boat as you, I toyed with the idea of starting a biz for a few years, I went back and forth about whether or not to just do it, and it was a PITA! Then after all the start-up stuff was out of the way, and I went thru that initial period of having NO customers (other than friends and family) it feels as if things are finally starting to turn around. My true reason for starting up is that I'm sick of landscapers that show up the first few times, talk a good game, and then you never see them again! After that its all work crew who don't really know anything about the finer things in a yard, but then bill time we get overcharged with no explanation!!! I'm going for the personal small biz touch so that I don't fall into the same category. I'll be on here from time to time, looking for new info or new customers (always!) I hope that you get your property looking exactly how you want it. PS--Try to stay cool!!!
  3. rlitman

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    Hi, ditto! I'm in the same boat, in Bellmore.

    I've got a:
    Honda HRX217HXA walk behind mower.
    Stihl KM-110R with the string trimmer, edger, hedge clipper, pole pruner and blower attachments.
    Stihl BR-500 backpack blower.
    White 9hp vacuum/chipper.

    It's all way overkill for most any homeowner, but I'd rather spend the time with my family than manicuring my home, so I'm happy to spend a few bucks, if it can buy me back even 5 minutes a week.

    I'd love to have the nicest landscape on the block, but that's difficult when you live across from a professional landscaper (a good friend . . .), next to a retired couple who take serious pride in their home's appearance, and have to tend to a toddler and an infant when you're home.

    OTOH, with a foreclosed house across the street, I could get away with doing almost nothing, and still not have the worst lawn on the block, so at least I'm not under much pressure this summer. :)
  4. Coderedpl

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    pass me your contact info.
  5. silverthumb

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    Hi again Coderedpl,
    My company is called Silverthumb Landscape Design & Maintenance. The best way to reach me is by e-mail at Thanks and have a great weekend!
  6. Coderedpl

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    Will be sending you an email shortly.
  7. silverthumb

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    Excellent, I'll be looking out for it.
  8. Coderedpl

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    Email sent.

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