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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by CASEBoy89, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Well here is my question. My parents lawn is in dire need of some help. Clover is starting to take over big time. Almost the whole back yard is clover...and the front which has always looked good is now starting to be full of clover. I hate clover and its hard on the mower for cutting. What can i do to get rid of the clover/dandelions. My dad always mowed the grass real ive been mowing it higher which seemed to help last year...but this year its all clover. What can be spread on the grass to kill the clover and help the grass.
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    How did the 2, 4D products work?
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    clover is a broadleaf. use a selective broadleaf herbicide while it is actively growing (ie late spring). Apply to damp grass a day after mowing and baggin and don't water for a couple days. The herbicide needs to be in contact with the leaf for 24-36 hrs to be effective before rain or water washes it off.
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    What kind of clover? white ,of others with yellow flowers.before lawn services a lot of older folks would let the white clover and blue grass grow,cut it short.a guy can kill of the weeds and over seed with dutch white and a bluegrass this fall.Then next spring spray the lawn with 24d amine only .But when the lawn goes domant this summer the caps will turn brown .If your dad has a garden ,put a fence around it .white clover/ blue grass lawn will attract every rabbit in the hood .I like the smell of clover lawns .
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    Once you put down the selective herbicide and the clovers die off. You might want to put down some nitrogen on your turf. I've noticed clovers tend to pop up if there isn't enough nitrogen in the turf. Best weed control is to have an environment that is ideal for turf which will choke out the weeds.
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    A lawn over run with clover is a sign of low fertility. Apply broadleaf herbicide in conjunction with a slow release fertilizer to actively growing grass. You can spray the clover now but you will probably have to treat again in early fall when it is easier to control.

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