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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by muddywater, Oct 4, 2012.

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    :laugh: .
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  3. muddywater

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    I guess i am not allowed a different opinion. All this wanker sucking around here gets old. I am in the real world, i have to bid this crap and get it. And a 5 year warranty to back up my quality.

    Could it have been neater, hell yeah i already conceded that point to you. If it had a junction box with terminals and wire spades would it have taken hours longer.... yes. Would the client ever know the difference... no. With a 5-year warranty my clients are guaranteed a quality system.

    You just flipping hate me because i have a different opinion sometimes, and i dont get on my knees everytime you open your mouth. Even though i have conceded to you on several of your points that i have thought about and decided you were right. Like mixing mp rotators and rotors. Even though you dont have any in the field experience, you call me a hack. When i saved a client $500 by using a weight rated valve box instead of a $500 basin for a small water feature, you called me a hack.

    Your are self proclaimed expert. Didnt you just start a thread, "i can find anything"?

    I am just here to get bashed, wake up this sometimes boring forum, and learn as much as i can from the experts in their trade including you with your extreme talent in locating. But i dont suck wanker.
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  4. Mike Leary

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    Not today, but I likes splice boxes.

  5. Without A Drought

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    jesus. with the infighting.

    there is a certain amount of i can do it better here. which i believe pushes all of us to install and service at a higher quality. but at the same time, there is a lot to be said to just getting it done.
    i know that a bunch of my sites are complete garbage, i hate working on them and have submitted proposal on proposal to rehab it. but the PM says no every year. so what should i do? stop working on it because it doesn't meet my standards?

    so, in short, should i install a splice box at mrs. jones 6 zone timer just to make the wiring look pretty? prolly not. i just try to to the best job i can within the budget allowed.

    we are in this to make money right?

  6. Mike Leary

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    No, of course not. However, if the client has a larger site and not the budget or the wherewithall of what the landscape will look like (and change) down the road, they should be convinced at the install that spare wire runs to the splice box are a cheap investment for the future. Sure worked for me when expansion was wanted! :clapping:
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    Aint that the truth :clapping:
  8. Mike Leary

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    Depends on your market and client. This one was cost plus; I knew it would go double or triple mega and planned for it. Ten years later, we are still changing things around, and the boxes and multiple wire runs have proved to be a sound investment. :clapping:

  9. 1idejim

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    Of course yov are entitled to yovr opinion, are we not entitled to the same without you attacking us. Your attempts to justify or validate your opine would be taken more seriously if discussed logically rather than from a defensive posture.
    If that is how you really feel then maybe you should look at the reason you frequent the forum.
    Each of us work in a market that may or may not be unique to a region and we also have to earn our own livings but we have the ability to realize that when there is only one Big Fish in the pond, that pond is either really small or they just think that they are the Big Fish.
    5 years is a very good warranty, but what does that have to do with the real world? A warranty is a sales tool that a person gambles with.
    I refrained from comment til you turned the thread into a brag book under false pretences of nasty work. Dude there have been threads on here about trenchers in septic tanks, a big reason for the hall of shame/piker thread
    You assume that it would take longer, you don't know for sure.
    It's what you do in the dark my friend, that's my point.
    Full service, parts and labor? Client calls, you jump. Sounds great!

    NO- I DO NOT HATE YOU! I don't care much for you bvt no way i hate you or anyone else on this forum.
    That isn't even funny to me, just sick.
    It is about quality, not about whos right or wrong.
    I don't know where you get this at? What do you think i do for a living, post on Lawnsite?
    You did post a thread on the pond forum but there it began with you posting that yov thought $200 was too muci to spend and you wanted to use a plastic 5 gal bucket in place of a manufactured vault. I jumped in when you said some pretty crappy things to 70 some year old Tadpole, who was really trying to help you out. I did get the chance to speak to him though so i have you to thank for that. I can't find where i called yov a hack, even in the pm which i have a copy of.

    The mods got to that, the thread was titled I find sh*t and was tongue in cheek based. All of the replies were such.

    I am confused as to why you are here. I know you milk the forum for all it's worth but if you think that your behaviour makes the forum better, think again. I do agree with PG we should be better than this
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  10. muddywater

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    Just got my tdr in. Whats your phone number?
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