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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by hardcharger, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. hardcharger

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    hello to all. ive been busy in a small town nearby doing leaf removal last 3 months. i can blow to the curb fo 65.00 or total vacum removal 75 to 100.00 this is a 1 man show,with the ocasional helper,mostly 1 man. 90% of the lawns are 2000 sq ft so not to big , i figure those prices are good pay for small town small lawns .they have municipal vacum service. 3 days ago i put up a 30x30 sign in a customers lawn slap on the corner of downtown mainstreet it says boldly leaf cleanup special 55.00 the town also advetised in the local news they stop the curbside pickup march 1st now i know 3 local lawn men who are now outraged at this sign and ive recived several calls demanding i remove the 55.00 special sign i dont want to make enemies around here or with my fellow lawn men. but i need some advice.. i may remove the 55.00 sign march 1st but undecided hardcharger.
  2. YardPro

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    why would you want to leave that much money on the table???????

    charge as much as you can and still get work.. that is rule #1 of running a business... you should at least be close to what others are charging.
  3. hardcharger

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    i put the 55.00 sign up in hope to make some quick cash before they stop the curb pickup, im still charging 100.00 to total vacum, 55.00 blow to the curb im also not really that busy anyway, and ive alrady made 2000 bucks piddlin at the leaf removal gig . im more worried about my rep with these folks.
  4. TurfProSTL

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    "ive recived several calls demanding i remove the 55.00 special sign"

    What were their reasons for making such demands?
  5. hardcharger

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    the demands to remove the sign came from 2 personal so so lawn men i know who sugessted i not advertise a price , my take on this is that they feel maybye im hurting the market or something, i had 1 other phone call quote im a nasty undercutting blank hole, these lawns are small 2000 sqare foot town house deals were talkin 30 minutes of work here with mr pb 650 ha,ha, i dont know what to think, i thought i was a fair priced good service guy, hardcharger

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    get caller id and report them to the cops they r threats on u
  7. hardcharger

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    ha ha, i just finished reading how to win friends and influence people yesterday, by dale carnegie, but ill keep it in mind this week thanks im hoping for the super answer to all i suppose, hardcharger.
  8. TurfProSTL

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    hardcharger, if you're making the money you need to on these small lawns, I wouldn't worry one bit about your "rep" with these guys. They have no right to demand anything.

    Sounds like you got some attention with your sign. Hopefully from some customers as well.....

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I think you're right on with the jobs taking about a half hour for a 2k lawn. In which case you'd be grossing $110 an hour, not bad at all. And it's a limited time offer til the town leaf pickup stops, so I'd stick with it.
  10. MMLawn

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    I got news for you hardcharger, if they "really" want to get you they have a very "costly" way to do it. They will just report you to the town you are doing the leaf work in there around Monroe. You see nearly every single town in NC, (as I matter of fact I know of none in your area at all that don't have this) and my company does work all over NC, has an obscure written ordinance that states that if a "contractor" or "lawn service" is getting the leaves up then that same company is responsible for removal and the curb side pickup by the town will not be honored. Now I know most times the town will not know who actually put the leaves there. But if you have pizzed these other LCO's off they very well may now "alert" the town to who is putting them there and then the town will fine you for each violation you have/do commit.

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