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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by r_and_r, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. r_and_r

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    Anybody belong to this organization?
    We are small, wife and myself. 1 daughter in high school (College bound).
    Benefits seem good. Can't find anything on the BBB.
    Looking for members experiences, either good or bad.
  2. gene gls

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    I joined for about 2 months and then cancled.There is a bunch of liteture to read and when your done reading you find that you still have to pay for the service you choose to use on top of your monthly dues. For me it was not
    worth the cost.

  3. Team Gopher

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  4. LB Landscaping

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    I talked to a guy about it a couple of years ago, he was very high pressure. Didn't like his approach.
  5. addgsa

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    I am new to this board and i do not want to see any one getting ripped off! My personal experience with this company as well as its sister company Alliance for Affordable services goes from being employed by them as a independant contractor!Please let me just state this!Keep your $79.00 /month you can do just as good on your own and please be careful with there health insurance coverages! If you need Health Insurance stay away from the 300 or 400 plan as they do not cover any where near the coverage needed to pay claims!If you do decide to take out a policy with them take ther highest plan available with the highest deductible you can afford. Remember that this is for when you go into the hospital and will pay you while you are in the hospital!Remember there is a 12 month waiting period before you can submit a claim and from my experiences with my former customers is they have a tendency to alway fall back on that it was a pre existing condition for that bill and it is not coverd!I left this company because i did not feel comfortable selling policys that did not perform to what i thought was acceptable! I have to look at myself in the mirror every morning! They are not looking out for YOU!

    1998 Chevy 1 ton
    2004 Chraftsman BobVilla Special(i know ,i know )
    2004 Sears Lawn Vac/Shredder
    1998 Honda Self/Propelled
    1999 Stihl Weedeater/Blower

    Its so nice to be in control of my own DESTINY!
  6. Littleriver1

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    addgsa, what insurence would you recommend?
  7. addgsa

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    There is no easy answer for Health Insurance! First you need to figure what do you want .Do you want all the bells and whistles like Dr.Visits Co pay,Dental,Emergency room visits with small or no co pay. This is like buying a car,you can have the base model that will help if you are in the hospital bed or you can load up on the optional features and have a souped up policy!The problem is the less skin that you have in the game the more it will cost youper month!Most policies will go up and average of 25 to 30 percent per year and in no time your premiums have doubled.What alot of business owners i dealt with purchased were policies that had high deductibles (5k,10k,15k,20k ) and then the insurance company paid either 80/20 or they paid 100%.The main reason for this is that most business owners dont have time to get sick and go to the Dr office,they are worried about the big picture like heart attack,stroke,cancer this is where the bills can get expensive and causr finacial ruins for the small business owner!We all hope that no one ever has to use a policy but its nice to know that its ther when you need it.Check and see what the AM Best rating is of the Ins. company you are looking at is it should at least be rated A- for financial strength.I hope this helps you please feel free to ask any more questions you may have and i will try and help out like so many other that have posted on this site that has helped me. :)

    Good Luck
  8. Bushwhacked

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    The Health Insurance is designed to cover Small Business Owners in case of a catastrophic illness. There are several plans to choose from, as for the no filing any claims for the first 12-months that's not necessarily true (you can "file" a claim whenever you want,but understand that it may not be covered),there may be a 30-day waiting period but it depends on the Policy purchased. Each state has it's own waiting period for pre-existing conditions and in some states if you already have coverage with no lapse between the new plan and the old plan being 62days or less, then the pre-existing doesn't apply and you have coverage for all conditions from day one or after day 31 . Other states pre-existing applies even if you had prior coverage, ask the agent or if you have the 1-800 number to Health Ins Co itself call their customer service and ask them directly.
    The idea behind pre-existing is for people who are already sick and find out that they need surgery not to then run out and get insurance to pay for it.
    My best advice is to ask the agent to show you the part of the brochure for the plan that is entitled "Exclusions and Limitations" READ THAT PAGE FIRST!!!! :blob3: I get the impression that not enough is explained and people think that just because they pay the premium that everything is covered (NOT).
    Also, understand that most of the plans are designed to cover Inpatient or Same Day surgery situations, you can add on office visits ,xray and labs, accidental coverage, chemotherapy and radiation treatment,and maternity. You pick what you need and can afford. If you add the other coverages be sure to read exactly what they do and do not cover also, they have their own seperate limitations and exclusions.

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