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I was listening to John Boy & Billy on the radio the other day and heard an ad for this group, said they saved Willie Nelsons farm.. I called because they said if you called and mentioned you heard it on the radio you would get a free tax booklet to read and possibly save a few bucks on tax liability. When I called they wanted $1399.00 for me to join their org. and claimed they could save me $3,000.00 right off the top on tax bills.. Wanted my last 3 yrs. tax refunds within 4 days, really pushy too!!! I don't know if they are legit or what, has anybody ever heard of these guys? They claim to have ex-IRS agents and CPA's on &quot;their side&quot; and carry a staff of about 1000 people to help the little guy defend themselves against the IRS machine. Just curious, will not be getting the book, am going to e-mail John Boy & Billy and let them know no book is on the way. Sounded pretty shady!!<p>Homer


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i heard of them on another radio program here in florida, i dont know how legit they are but they claim tohave helped alot of people, try the better business bureau<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida

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