National Night Out


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How about taking this night that most people should know about and get cracking on some opportunities.

Spend a few hours mingling with your neighborhood and neighbors. Find out which residential areas are holding them all by themselves. Frequent other neighborhoods until you find one to stop at. What a great way to explore together that which is ticking in your city or neighborhood. Get in tune about things that really matter and that you can take control of in your area.

Talk business. Make aquaintences. Friends. Look for telltale signs of potential clients and especially people in need of WORK.

Only you can make it happen.

Cheers! Have a good night gentlemen and ladies.
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Freaky Fido

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To each there own.
Exscuse me while I head out to hob knob with the masses/people.
I don't really live in a neighborhood. Things get rural here quickly just a short distance from the town center and beach district. I'm not about to walk 1/2 mile to my neighbor's house to stop in and say hi.

Someone did recently call the police on me when I went for a walk late at night. There have been a lot of car break-ins recently and I was walking "suspiciously fast".

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