nationwide companies take over locals?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bearhunter01, Jan 1, 2003.

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    We've had a problem lately that our customer (which is a big retailer) has canceled all contracts because the corp. office made a deal with a nationwide landscape company to handle everything becasue they didn't want the paperwork of handling all the vendors. Has anyone experienced this before?
    Its not just our location, this deal effects over 100 locations!
    How does the nationwide landscape company maintain all these accounts that are not even in their region?
    Any info would be helpful
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    we had this happen the past year, they will probably contact you to contract with. we were contracted with this company got more money than before , paid on time. Never have met the people we just use phones, faxes, or e-mail to deal with each other . I was concearned when this first happened but its worked out fine, everything usually does.
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    National company contracts with the client, so client has just one source for landscape maintenance. This national landscape management firm will then subcontract actual work out to local landscape maintenance businesses.

    Just like buying a carpet and installation of carpet at Sears or Lowes. The big guy makes the sale, and subs the installation to a local installer. Old idea, just really getting rolling in landscape maintenance.

    If you are contacted to bid as a subcontractor, just be sure to check out the payment history of the managemant company who will control your money. And right here is a good place to do that.
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    I had this happen to me this past year. I keep the accounts at the same price. But i let them know. If i was not paid i would put a workers lien on theses account. if that happened he will lose all of his accounts. AND NEVER SET FOOT ON THEM EVER AGAIN

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