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    I changed liability insurance yesterday. One of my customers retired from banking and became an insurance salesman for Nationwide. I got $1,000,000 general liab. policy for $350 a year. I was paying $475 with the policy I had from Auto Owners. Never made sence to have a general Liab. policy with a company called Auto Owners.

    Any one used Nationwide before? I had the old policy for several years and never had to make a claim. The policy has a $500 deductable.
  2. supercuts

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    your thread it so vague its hard for anyone to see if you have a "deal". do you have equip theft?? if so how much?? what was your old deductible?? what are the limits per incident/person/year? is the policy only for mowing, or general yard maintenance and does it have restrictions.

    i had nationwide for auto inthe past and i was very unhappy with them. i had two truck, a 94 and 78 blue fords. the 94 had full collision with the works, $500 deductable, full glass, etc. had a crack in the windshield and made a claim. the cost of the window was just over $400 and they told me they would not cover it due to the $500 deductable. i read them my policy which state FULL GLASS REPLACEMENT. after arguing they finnally agreed. them someone called from nationwide to tell me the full glass was onthe 78!! i was shocked and said its like a $400 truck, why would i put glass on it. its partly my fault for not reading the plan over 100%, but its equally their fault for putting it on the wrong truck. they were unwilling to fix it or work with me at all. even more insulting was the fact that they said they didnt make a mistake.

    so, iput glass on it and told them to expect a call. sure enough, within a week my truck had a new "crack" in the windshield and as the glass company truck was leaving i called to cancel my policy. Nationwide was not on my side. they never took my intial claim off too, even though i "didnt" have glass the first time.
  3. paolaken

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    i changed to nationwide this spring. prices were very good. never made a claim yet though and that usually determans how good they are.
  4. Mike Fronczak

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    I have had them foor a number of years, there not bad to deal with, although I have had word a few times with my agent, he goes to underwriting it gets taken care of.
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    Due to the services my company provides, the only Commercial Liability broker is Scottsdale Insurance.
    Premiums are a bit high, about $3100.00/year but I have $2 million per occurrence with an aggregate of $5 million per event. This also covers pesticide application as well as irrigation. I thought the irrigation part was a bit excessive until I hit an unmarked 460 volt power line and 300 pair telephone line on a job earlier this year. Yes I called for a utility marking, yes I stayed with-in their marks but they were flat WRONG!
    Scottsdale sent someone out with-in forty five minutes of the initial call, represented me at the hearing, where I was totally cleared of all blame as I acted with due diligence and further represented me at the civil action as well. Bottom line, rates didn't go up, I was effectively and professionally represented, and aside from a premium which is a bit steep, I'll stay with 'em.
  6. topsites

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    Let me explain how it works, because insurance is a business and thus there is a cost. Much like you have cost, they do too.
    So your premium pays for their light bill, the lease on the building, their wages, the furniture, the phone, the fax and xerox machine, the papers, taxes, advertising, etc, etc... With a nice rates company, almost ALL of your premium pays for their cost of doing business. They don't expect you to make a claim, they don't intend for you to have a claim, and you do not want to do this.

    If something were to happen once in a million years, then hopefully that 3-4% of your premium that has been set aside for all those years can cover for the claim, otherwise you're best off thinking of it as a 'No claims' policy.

    So if you think you're going to have a claim then you're better off checking into one of those $700+ a year companies, see how that works? Look, everybody pays for that crap, every member of the Insco pays these paper shufflers a living first, then the claims are covered after their cost is, so the more claims someone has, the higher it goes, and higher and higher and higher still, it never ends.

    I hate it too, but it's just not free money, a scam maybe, but free no.
    Even one claim can make everybody's rates go up by say $20 / year, to cover for it, see MY claim can make YOU pay more!
    Back in the old days it used to cost me $1,200 for ONE car minimum liability.
    Now I pay $800 a year for three cars, minimum liability, perfect driving record, 800 FICO.
    But I haven't had a claim in 8 or 10 years, and the last one wasn't no windshield...
    Dang dude you can get a used one put in for $150, see it's just not worth it.

    That's the thing, a good deal like Nationwide means it's really a No claims policy.
    That is how I have to think of it, a No claims policy, otherwise it doesn't work for me.
    So don't have claims, what else can I say?
  7. Sharp Services

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    I got a $500 deductable. $1 million per occurrence with an aggregate of $2 million per event. No theft. I figured theft would not be worth it. About 20 yrs ago I was in business before I became a cop .... tried full time but need some benefits anyway and went to the PD to work. I had liability and theft. Had a $3000 mower stolen that was two years old. After they depreciated it, figured its used value and took out the deductable ... I got a check for $400. Then my rates doubled.
  8. Grits

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    Exactly why I don't care about theft coverage. Besides, I keep my stuff at my house. If anyone tries to steal anything, my dog would raise hell, then they would get an a$$ full of #4 shot from the Remington.

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