Native prairie grasses in ornamental installation?


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Have a large project going building large 5-6ft tall privacy berms. All berms and associated areas will be seeded with a prairie grass blend to achieve a year round 4-6ft tall screen on top of berms. I am curious if anyone has any experience and can recommend any species to look at? We are primarily looking at big/little Bluestem for late season growth and Switch for early season, coupled with a couple others.

Planned to sow in Annual Rye for immediate erosion protection and it should transition out as the prairie takes off.

I am trying to decide if drilling this will be better route, then hydro mulch over or hydro mulch/seed. I know with turf grasses, drilling is the way to go but little experience with prairie grasses.

I might end up planting late May which will be risky in the midwest. I am expecting a hot/dry season. I can provide watering as needed but....

I guess I am looking for that extra little flare that sets this install apart. Was going to do a wildflower mix in there too. Looking for ideas I guess. Most all the varieties we have looked at are similar and clump grasses.
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