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Natural Designs Flyer


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Overall i like it. I would have worded a few things differently. But if thats the size of a sheet of paper, its kind of large to be passing out to people. Once they fold it in half or whatever, they might never know its there. A good pamphlet is about 1/3 of a page maybe front and back. And you cant really see the black font through that busy background. Im not trying to bash, im just giving you my honest opinion. Im sure some "landscapers" will post and say its awsome and its the nicest thing they have ever seen but I personally wouldnt hand that out quite yet. Tweak it 5 or 6 times. Make your contact info bigger and more to the point. Less pictures. Let the people go on your website. All the pictures they want! if they are that interested, they will. again, not bashing. just passing on what i learned from my mistakes.


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Bethlehem, Pa
thanks for the input really good advice....the first one i had was a plain white background but i thought it was kinda boring so i uploaded the pic i thought it would grab someones attention better than the plain background....but i dont really want a busy look either....i thought pictures would help attract people to the website that is still under construction lol but it should be up soon


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The background is really busy and takes away from the flyer graphically. It makes it hard to read some of the font. You could try washing out the background a little by increasing the opacity of the image. Also, try photoshopping that ugly chain link fence out the the picture, and maybe blurring the background so the neighbor's don't look so messy.

Make your logo larger. you want it to be the first thing people see.

The images towards the bottom of the page should be resized and lined up. they look messy as is.

The high contrast black and white of your discount statements reads very well and catches attention effectively. Remember not to go overboard with high contrast. save it for the important points and position them on the page so your eye travels around the entire page as you read it.

Generally, I have found that text is a relatively poor presentation tool. let your work show through your images and select points. People don't want to read a lot.

I attached a couple fliers i have made over the years. Hopefully this can help you. you have a good start for sure.

4x6 Fall Winter Postcard.jpg

Mast Tri Fold exterior.jpg

Mast Tri Fold interior.jpg


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I like it alot. One concept I am trying to grasp is pricing. I have learned what we do is a speciality service and requires us being compensated well were all the costs of our equipment, expertise, and labor.

Long story short the part that you have High Quality - Competitive Prices may you should show High Quality - Fully Insured or something like that. Show creditability, which will go a long way and make more money.


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I love that lawn, but the fence doesn't look so good maybe use a picture of the lawn facing the house, also space everything out a little more, you've got a long confusing list to read, a customer wouldn't have enough time to read it all, I'd try to simplify it down a little more.

When you write "When you sign a one year contract with Natural Designs. Lim-ited to one free mowing a month on three months of your choice." Change it to

"YOU GET 3 FREE MOWINGS When you sign a one year contract with Natural Designs. Lim-ited to one free mowing a month on three months of your choice."

The box makes it almost look seperate from the 3 free lawn service part.

Try spacing out your phone number, instead of 1234567890 write 123-456... or 123.456...

Hope I could help!


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This is a good thread with some very good advice indeed!!
This is a prime example of how the forum should work. Many great ideas along with a company wanting good advice.
Positive thread here!!! Good to finally see a totally positive one!

Good Luck!!