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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Taneli, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Hi There Taneli. Nice job. Couple things that immediately jump out at me. This is just My Opinion. Not a huge fan of the gray background, but to each their own, the page probably ought to fit within the confines of the browsing window without the need to scroll left and right to view entire page. I'm using FireFox, and a square style monitor. There seems like a lot of white space within the text frames..
    This phrase sort of bugs me "3D picture rendering also available. This is a process where we take a picture of your house, upload the picture into a program where we can install the new design, and present you with ????" the question marks could come out and be replaced with some like... a comprehensive landscape installation plan.
    I really like what you wrote for the About Us section..
    The picture gallery needs some work. Clicking on individual pictures does not allow for the user to easily view a larger version of the picture. The Arrow buttons are fairly self expalanitory, however clicking on the Up arrow closes the website.
    In the contact us section I personally would include an physical address.

    Over all its a good foundation. Personally i know building a website is a real learning experience, but once you get it where you want it, your website is a something to be really proud of.

    You may want to consider cleaning up the font, smoothing out the rough edges, work on the picturing thing, maybe add a little content, when you have time.

    That's just my opinion.
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    Looks pretty good.

    And it has the about page too, which every site should probably have.

    Good job.


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