Natural gas?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by LongIsland, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Does anybody have a 37hp EFI running on natural gas? We are planning on buying a 72'' ZK with the 37hp EFI for next season just wondering if it was possible to do a natural gas conversion? We have uncompressed natural gas right at our shop so we would just need a compressor. Thanks in advance!
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    I'll try to help, I've only used propane powered vehicles a couple of times. Natural gas and propane are different, natural gas piped into a building at 5-10 psi(?) while propane tanks are pressurized to 50psi? If you have natural gas in a building, you can not fill propane bottles as I'm not aware of any device to pressurize a propane tank. Also, natural gas regulators and orifices have to be changed to run propane on home appliances. I can say propane powered equipment will last much longer that gasoline powered because fuel burns so much cleaner.Good luck.
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