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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Spiffy, Mar 28, 2002.

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    I have begun this year to market myself as 'Natural Landcare' meaning I use only organic or least toxic solutions... lots of compost, etc. Mowing at the right time, watering the correct amount...
    I'm not looking to debate pesticide or herbicide use here. This is more of a marketing decision to set me apart from the other lawncare guys around here. I'm in a college town and this has an appeal to some segments of the population... I explain that their yard won't look like a golf course, so they know what to expect.

    My question is: is anybody else on these boards doing this? I'd like to exchange ideas with someone who is working in this direction.

    Spiffy Natural Landcare
  2. kermit

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    I have gone this route as well, several years ago. Yhe biggest advantage is that you are going after the highest income group, leave the price hunters for the scrubs!
    As an upscale service that appeals to the well educated you are able to charge for your expertise and the education you pass on. Make sure you keep up with current trends and products in the Organic lawn care biz. Join a group such as the Organic Landscape Alliance to get the latest info. Good luck!

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