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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by robbcayman, Jun 29, 2006.

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    I just had new sod put down at my house (Oklahoma City Bermuda U3) and have had a company called natural lawn of america put down a organic starter fertilizer down 3 weeks later. My grass is starting to turn a nice green, but can I do this myself without messing up my yard?? I currently pay them $43 for a treatment, is this too much??

    My yard is 4,000 sq ft and also it starting to show some weeds. Should I wait another month before putting down a weed killer? PS: What should be watering schedule be??? Thanks for helping a newbie!!! :)
  2. The Slop Nazi

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    but have taken real good care of my bermuda lawns over the past years. So yes, you can do the fertilizer/chemical treatments yourself. However, $43 doesn't sound too bad to me, especially if you're happy with the progression of the new sod. With newer sod (especially during summer months), you should probably worry more about root growth, so that means water frequently. Do you have an irrigation system? Early mornings are the best time to water (my irrigation system is set for 4:30am), and I water 3X per week @ 20-minutes per zone (during summer months). This gives me about 1.5" of water per week. With newer sod, you may want to water a little more frequently than this. Again, a lot depends on your soil type & structure, and how well it absorbs water.

    With the weeds, if they're sporadic and minimal, I would buy a weeding tool, and hand pull them. I wouldn't be too comfortable spraying herbicide(s) on a new lawn. The only caveat is to make sure you don't pull "NUTSEDGE," as this aids in spreading this particular weed. There are a couple of specific herbicides made for Nutsedge, and they work well in controlling this weed.

    There are some Pro's on this site that will provide better details and suggestions, but these are some of the things that I've had luck with in our region.

    Good luck
  3. robbcayman

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    Unfortunately, I don't have a sprinkler system :cry: I water as soon as I get home 3:30 pm. I've been watering every part of the grass for 45 minutes everyday in every spot. I'm thinking of slowing it down to 3 times a week, but it's really hot in Oklahoma city right now. The sod has been down for 3 weeks now, so should I back off the watering??

    I'm probably going to keep my fert guy for the time being. Thanks for the help and keep it coming :)
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    Once your sod has rooted, and it probably has by now, watering 3 times a week would be fine. If you cannot pull a piece of sod up easily by hand, that is a good indicator.

    In a residential lawn, there are no legally available preemergent herbicides that can be safely used on your new Bermuda sod. Therefore weed prevention is not an option. Your biggest problem will be crabgrass. If the company you use will spray Drive, that will kill any existing crabgrass without harming your sod one bit. Drive will also help prevent further crabgrass germination for a limited time.

    Broadleaf weeds are generally not a big problem this time of year, so what few you have can just be pulled.
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    Hey, there you go! Good job and good advice! The only thing I would suggest, and this would depend on your soil type, is leave your watering schedule at 3X per week, 1/2" per application, BUT make 2 of those days consecutive. If you have heavy clay soil, this is a MUST particularly for the summer months! It's the only way to get enough water deep enough. And a 2 day gap of not watering will encourage deep root growth - make the roots go down and get it!

    After the grass has rooted down to 3" or more, you can use Image for crabgrass and nutsedge. Be patient! Image works very well, but it's sloooooow! Fertilizer - for a homeowner, use Scotts SOUTHERN Turf Builder, and add some granular Ironite. All this can be gotten at Home Depot.

    Good job!
  6. robbcayman

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    I'm going to change my watering schedule to 3 times a week and do 2 on consecutive days. I'll look into getting that drive stuff to kill my crabgrass. I'll also give the southern turf builder a shot!! Thanks for taking the time to help me!!! I just don't want to mess up a brand new yard.
  7. The Slop Nazi

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    Thanks for the watering advice. That makes a lot of sense, especially given the red clay soil that I have to deal with. I currently have the program set to run on Mon, Wed, & Sat. I'll change it to something like Sun, Mon, & Fri.

    Here's a quick question: I have a company that mows & edges every Thursday, so I never water on that day. I've also heard that it's a good idea to not water the next day after mowing. What's the general consensus/rule for watering after mowing?
  8. robbcayman

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    I too would like to know what the consensus is about watering after mowing??? Thanks
  9. Norm Al

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    you paid $43 bucs,,,,,,have you thought this through as a savings or just because you want to do it yourself for fun?
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    Good advice here. Nice job.

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