Natural lawn of america?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by hobbsd, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. hobbsd

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    from west wi
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    Does anyone know what kind of program / set-up these guys have that makes them such a big company? I looked on there website, I'm guessing that they are usng 70% synthetic fertilizer, chemical weed control (just limited) and sticking with Milky spore for grub control.

    Does anyone have personal dealings or knowledge of whats really going on?

  2. watts_mowing

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    I got their info once about a year ago. They are organic "based" control and that was the first red flag for me. I know nothing about their business dealings but they have a franchise program that one can enter into for roughly $50,000 if memory serves me right. They had 2 or 3 different Levy's of "commitment." They were on the ball and info was slick and professional. It was started by 2 guys that worked for ChemLawn and/or TruGreen and went to them with an organic based program and got turned down. So they quit and started NaturaLawn. For me personally, I would have to go all the way organic or not go at all. Check out SafeLawns for the real deal.
  3. mrkosar

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    NO MORE???? I am very interested to hear any information on this company. They seem to be doing something right. Whether that is just marketing or service and marketing they are pretty big for an organic based lawn care company.

    I figured this would spark a large debate on organic based versus pure organic or how NLA is like Chemlawn, but doing it organically....something.
  4. Keegan

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    I have a customer who used them and hated them. He said they would come apply something and leave. He said they didn't know much about organics. He used only for a season or two and no change in the way the grass looks.
    I had someone else tell me they use biosolids in their stuff. I wouldn't want human waste on my lawn.
  5. NJLAWN#1

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    I worked for a franchise in nj about 5 years ago. It was a joke. Its just a marketing ploy. We used team pro for pre emergent, eliminate , drive 75, manage, merit, mach 2 they only thing they stayed away from was 2 4 d and fungicides. They told customers they spot spray and that reduces chemical use by 75% and at the same time told us to blanket to reduce service calls. They grew to about 1000 customers while i was there over three years. They did alot of telemarketing to get leads the was before do not call list. It was in house and the that is what the techs did all winter. The offered corn gluten and milky spore but it was not effective and rarely used. Their fert did have molorganite (human ****) in it but they also used lesco at times. The guys who started it had a great markting idea.
  6. NattyLawn

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    When I first got into the business, I desperately wanted a job there to go the organic route. Well, I got a job in sales and I did have to call all of the cancelled customers (not fun) and had to sell 8 apps a year in PA (also, not fun).

    I was disappointed in the products used (not because of biosolids), and the lack of flexibility in introducing new products. The owner wanted to use compost tea, and that was shot down by corporate rather quickly. I have to disagree with the CGM use though. There was a core group of customers that used it exclusively with great results.

    Also, for those that think applying biosolids is disqusting, have any of you ever used them? Do you really think it smells bad? I thought the same way when I first got into organics, but poo, whether it human or chicken works. Why? BIOLOGY....
  7. upidstay

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    The guy here in CT is about as organic as Chemlawn
  8. cgaengineer

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    I just put down some milorganite on my fescue lawn for just a slight boost and it does have an odor, but its gone in a few days. My lawn took longer to green up then it did with other fert brands. I think the milorganite is a great idea and I dont have a problem with human waste one my lawn as long as its safe. Putting on my lawns keeps it out of landfills.
  9. Smallaxe

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    Every lawn and every client is different enough for you to replace Natural Lawns, Chemlawn, or any other rigid, one size fits all corporation.
    Learn through personal experience as much as possible so you can confidently tell your client what will work, where it will work and why or why not.
    If you care about the people and their lawns more than selling what they don't need; it will never be important what the national companies are doing right.
    What they are doing right is convincing the public that too much ferti and herb. is a great security blanket.
  10. hobbsd

    hobbsd LawnSite Senior Member
    from west wi
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    is there retail fertilizer the same stuff that they apply?

    Also, is it granulated like synthetic?

    I went on their website and found that the fertilizer is like 20% synthetic N and 5% organic N. I don't know where they get their P and K from but i'm assuming that it isnt from any more natural sources.

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