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Natural Retaining Wall


LawnSite Member
Winnipeg, MB
I have a couple that would like a natural retaining wall planter of tyndall stone in front of their home.

A have a few questions for the pros.

The rock is 8" and 12" wide 8" high by 6" deep cut from the quarry with a rough face.

I am looking at 2 x 30ft walls
If this wall is 2 ft from the house and 3 ft high (will be mortared)

a. Will a very compacted base be sufficient or do I need poured piles and a footing?
b. If the soil freezes wet will it cause the wall to crack.
c. Will a re-inforced concrete load wall just inside the stone wall with 1" spacing be overkill to prevent cracks?

Some variables.
1. the frost line is 5ft here
2. the ground is very wet in this area (built on a flood plain)
3. I have a neighbor that is mason by trade that can do the rock. I need to prep the base.

Advice Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Member
Mid-Coast Maine
Dig a hole with an excavator 5' deep and 4'wide.. (if its masonry) and put a footer in... if you dont go below frost line your masonry wall will move... which will cause it to crack, back filled or not... masonry wall are not supose to move at all thus spec calls for poured foundation below frostline and 2x base width. Just charge accourdingly and when they ask why it cost so much tell them that if they want a wall that will last 15+ years then this is they only way to do it... just remember weep holes in your walls... every 2 ft. because this will cause cracks too... anyway... masonry walls must have footer or they will fail 99.99 % of the time...
Good Luck,