NaturaLawn of America (there price for aeration/overseed)

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by smcunningham, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. smcunningham

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    I ran into a old high school buddy of mine @ a gas station and we were talking and I noticed he had a NaturaLawn of America shirt on. So I asked him about it and he was telling me how he's worked for them for 9 years.
    Furthermore we carry our conversation out the door and i noticed he had a trailer on the back of his company truck which had an aerator on it...Needless to say i asked him what they charged...
    63.22$ for non existing customers and 53.22$ for existing customer per 1000sq of turf...This price was for aerating and overseeding...using 3# of seed per 1000sq..... So I called like four or five bigger companys in my area and found that the average price of aeration and overseeding in my area is around 47$ to 52$ per 1000 sq.......

    I feel like a lowballer charging what i charge...:cry: anyway my price just went uppayup
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Hence the term.... "It pays to network."
  3. yardmanlee

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    so for a 10,000 sq ft property they are getting $640.00 ?
    I feel like one of those low ballers too !!!!
  4. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    We just did a 28,000 sq ft prop for $1850.
  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    Wow, around here its about $75-$100 for 10k. Wish I could get that much for aeration...
  6. mkroher

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    That's just robbery. What are you using? Spike shoes and spend all day there?
    Prices like that scare people away from beneficial aeration.

    I charge $20/K. Tow behind aerater and smaller one for corners and edges.

    I can double core aerate a 15K lawn in under an hour.

    Seed is extra, of course. If it's a lawn that's already thick, I don't recommend overseeding because MOST of it won't germinate. Waste of money. The lawn will thicken by itself the following year just from the aeration.

    However, if the average lot is 5K or smaller, i can see how $50/sqft is fair.
  7. Adam's Lawn and Garden

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    I sub-contract Naturalawn for all my fertilizing. They have great service! Furthermore, the price they charge, you get great service. I was told they drop 8 pounds per 1000. Also, there is a cheaper rate for just aerating where they do one pass. The 62 was for double passing and then overseeding. Using what they call the best seed out there. I say that because i never looked into their seed. Apparently, they get alot of work at that price so, it seems to be working.

  8. topsites

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    LOL I use a walk-behind aerator and start with 1/4 acres at $40, double aerate my butt, I have twice the tines the tow behind does.
    But you don't do just that, once again we are failing to educate properly, then off you guys go complaining about how fouled up it is. What can we expect, when we fail to educate the new guy AND the customer?

    A walk-behind aerator propels the axle itself, it is heavier, and it pulls better plugs, at least 10 but really ~20% deeper.

    Otherwise why bother, when your truck needs an oil change do you not change the filter?
    And do you not do it right after the engine has been RUN so it is hot?
    Then why not do lawn care properly?

    My charge for properly re-doing a 1/4 acre is around $270, that's 14,000 sq. feet.
    I'd have to guess that's $19.28 a k.
    And that includes way more than just aerating and seed, way more.
    Now if you want to take care of the rest yourself fine, I can do just aeration, either way but don't expect miracles, right on.
  9. green_mark

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    Our price for a 10,000 sq ft lawn for the renovation is 670.00.
    2 pass core aeration
    250 lbs of lime
    30 - 50 lbs of seed
    50 lbs of CGM

    and then of course we clean the sidewalks, driveway, etc.

    Customers are very pleased with the cost and results.
  10. mkroher

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    So you're saying a tow-behind is the improper way to aerate a lawn? Go tell a super at a golf course that they should only use walkbehinds.

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