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Naturals should not smell?

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We visited with an organic fertilizer company at the Iowa State Fair Saturday. He told us that 'natural organic fertilizers' should not have an "odor". Is this right??? (We told him we tried some, but they smelled bad, and that's why we have shunned away from them so far) He also told us that 'organically-grown' corn, soybeans, etc, bring a premium price (which they do).

rscvp, thanx :confused:
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Treegal, the best description I can give is after cutting a lawn (high nitrogen fed), not bagged, blades damp you have accumulated a mass of grass adhered to the underside of the deck. Later,no growth due to any irrigation/rain. The grass starts to decompose under the deck. You scrape the deck later. This is the odor I am referring to (Ammonia, NH3).
Um, spray the underside of your deck w/some Fluid Film.
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