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Naturals should not smell?

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We visited with an organic fertilizer company at the Iowa State Fair Saturday. He told us that 'natural organic fertilizers' should not have an "odor". Is this right??? (We told him we tried some, but they smelled bad, and that's why we have shunned away from them so far) He also told us that 'organically-grown' corn, soybeans, etc, bring a premium price (which they do).

rscvp, thanx :confused:
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My guys said it smelled like a dead mouse. Not sure what's up with that, but when we opened the bag, it stank up our entire office. I'm doing some more checking cuz I haven't given up on "natural" organics yet.
Thanks Natty -- the natural organic fert company involved regarding "naturally-grown" corn & soybeans at the Iowa State Fair was Pearl Valley Organix out of Pearl City, ILL. (Aerobically composted chicken manure, (ACCM), U-MAXX, U-FLEX, sulfate of potash). It was a 16-2-16 analysis. They say their fert does not smell??

Right now, I'm searching for the "best deal", and I'm not sure which way to turn. Some say their 16% N is better, while others recommend a 46-0-0. I know I'll make a mistake somehow.....right now I just don't know which mistake I will pick, cuz there are so many choices to pick from. :confused:

Well, if it smells bad what was in the fertilizer? If fish was an ingredient it will have an odor. It's such a general question it's hard to give a concrete answer.

As far as organic corn and soybeans, with GMO's you probably won't get true organic of either anymore.
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