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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smcguirt, Jun 22, 2005.

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    I know you can't compare and it is totally my choice but just wondering if any of you guys have made this decession lately? I have a 48 Metro HP WB and a 21 Metro and they are great but I really need a rider and I got to demo a Navigator last week. UNBELIEVABLE cut!! I have a very nice property that is about 500k and I told the homeowner I would like to use his property to see just how this mower cut. He agreed and after seeing the cut I thought he might buy the Navigator for me he was that impressed himself. Most of my properties are high end residential and the Navigator would be awesome but I still have some that the Lazer would be great on as well. As you can see I am leaning toward the Navigator, and hearing from any Navigator owners would help as well. Also if you have a Navigator and you don't want to bag do you have any problems leaving the back open to discharge? My local dealer and the exmark rep came out to bring the Navigator and he said that it might be next year or maybe longer till the side discharge decks are available. O yeah I demoed a 48 Inch with 27 Kohler. Also I had them bring it when the grass was still wet with dew and about 4-5 inches and it never clogged and didn't leave a single clipping on the lawn. We cut it down to 2 inches.

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    Lazer. It bags very well, also. It's just 5 times faster.
  3. BCSteel

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    Toro has a mower like the Navigator but its a 2 in 1 deck. Bagging or mulching. I have no idea how well it works though as I have never used one.

    Be aware also that as the blower wears down on those walker like mowers, the pick up abilities will severly drop. If all your using it for is grass then I think you'd get at least a couple years of good service out of one depending on the hours you put on it. But if your like me and you push your equipment to the max every day, making your equipment that would make other owners of super expensive equipment cringe, you'll get in maybe one year before you start to notice the effects of a worn blower.
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    although the navigator is the explorer redux, with many of the things that left explorer owners itching now addressed (like the swing out gas tank to get to the %&#@% spark plug!, a heavier duty rear wheel, flip up deck for blade chages, etc.)(yes, I know that the explorer was a walker rip off too..stay with me here, you'll get the point) The navigator is still a first year model and as one, very likely still will need some polishing and feedback before they get it truly commercial grade. I would want my schedule to hinge on a proven performer so that I could keep my reputation as a proven performer, especially without a large deck backup machine. Go with the lazer, don't cut with it running at full ground speed and you'll be amazed by it's cut too. For the record, the explorer's cut DESTROYED the Lazer's, but it also was top speeding 4-5 mph less with the same depth of deck and blade tip speed. slow your lazer down when it needs to count and go full bore where it doesn't, the machine will be solid in producing large numbers if you have the accounts to keep it busy.
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    I've run just about every make,I have afriend who is the grasshopper,redmax,echo,yazoo,wright dealer here.He tried his best to get me to buy a grasshopper,I think that he would have almost given me the machine to keep me off of an exmark,I Got the exmark(Laser z 60") All ready had 52".Like I said I've been on a lot of machine,In my opinion and it is my opinion that nothing cuts nicer than the exmark,Walker is a very close 2nd.
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    Well I went and bought a new lazer 52 25 Kohler yesterday. Why in the world have I waited so long. I was half as tired when I got home after using it for the first time and was still able to cut down on my cutting time. The cut is better I think than my walk behind. Pleased all the way around. The Navigator will probably make the lineup eventually. I also turned in my two week notice at my full time job that I have had for nine years in the IT field to go full time with the lawn business. I have 55 regular accounts and plenty of landscaping work to keep me busy everyday. My last day is July 8th so getting ready to turn up the heat on getting more business. It was a hard decession with two children and a stay at home wife but I know I can make it happen.

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    (stolen yesterday while buying the new mower) BR-400
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    The IT field really sucks doesnt it. I am in the same shoes you are, except you are more advance in your business than I am. I am working part-time in the IT field and I am waiting patiently to go full time in this business. Good Luck

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