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  1. Kriptkeeper

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    I am not asking for guys with Walkers to give me your oppinion. I am looking for guys that are running Navigators to give me their oppinion. I am looking to purchase a Navigator based on experience with Exmarks. I have virtually no down time except regular maintenance with ExMarks. I have a bid I am waiting on which will require a manicured cut that a Navigator or Walker can produce. I have been down to the Walker Distributor in NC that covers all Walker dealers from Delaware to Southern Georgia. I spent 3 hours in the distribution facility there with the head guy. However, In really comparing the 2 mowers, I think I have decided to go with the Navigator but I wanted to get some owners oppinions. Navigator has only been around for about 4 or 5 years so... Just looking for actual oppinions from actual Navigator owners and users.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I also posted this in your other thread, but I would say go with the Navigator. I love mine. It leaves a great cut, less maintenance, and overall a great mower.
  3. ALC-GregH

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    Do a search on the mower. There is over 500 threads about them. More info than what you want already posted.
  4. johnslandscaping

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    I love the navigator. works great for me.
  5. Kriptkeeper

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    John, I see in your profile that you have a Navigator and a walker. You think I wouldn't go wrong with the Navigator?
  6. johnslandscaping

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    I look at things this way if you have a local dealer that is good and you already have exmarks I would go for it. But I do like both nav and walker I notice in my case the navigator out performs the walker only by a small amount. Both machines are great. In my case I got the walker first paid good price at time I needed one right away then when funds where available I bought the nav to keep equipment matching but I would buy either machine as long as the price is good.
  7. XLS

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    he has talked sheet

    A&Ddistributing is the distributer for the south east so i would love to here who this dealer you speak of is . i know for a fact because i order through them all the time .

    now navigator is fine ,not fond of the mulch baffle they claim is so good but this is no big deal as long s it is opned in high wet or thick conditions . good units
  8. Kriptkeeper

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    XLS, the distributor for Va, NC, DE, GA and SC for Walker Mowers is GHS distributing just west of Asheboro, NC. The website is and the owners name is Levon. You're the one talking SHEET!!!!
  9. XLS

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    then tell me why A&D destributers is in alabama and covers ga also i guess ??? tey are based down there so i find it odd the dont cover it lol
  10. UrbanGreen

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    I have ran navigators for 4 years now and overall love the machine. I cut bermuda, zoysia, and fescue and it cuts all of them wonderfully. With bermuda and zoysia if the lawn is fairly smooth or has been topdressed we keep them as low as 2" and the fescue we cut at 4" and it never leaves any stringers behind. If the grass is wet and thick you will have to slow down or you can clog the blower but in normal conditions you will never clog it.

    Maintenance on the machine is fairly simple, you only have 13 grease points to take care of and your regular oil changes etc. I have the 27 kohler on mine and have only had the 42" cuts but the machine has plenty of power.

    The only issue I have had out of mine were the gear boxes blew at about 550 hrs and have done so 4 times since. However part of my problem was due to the dealer I was going to and the mechanics that were working on it. Other than that I have not had any problems at all out of them. Also even though the machine was out of warranty Exmark worked with me on the gearboxes and really helped me out.

    The key to keeping these mowers and walkers running smooth is keeping a sharp ear out for little changes in noises on the machine. Once you have ran one for a little while you will know if you hear something thats just not right. It is usually something small to start with but unchecked it usually turns into a bigger problem that can be more costly.

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