nayone willing to share their 6 step

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    I will be starting to spray next year. I have talked to the JDL local guys and they don't seem to know a whole lot (they are a irrigation store) the said they can get me what ever i need but don't think they know a whole lot about spraying. I live in central VA will be treating mostly fescue looking for the first 2 treatments to have something for crab grass/ clover its bad around here. looking for names of stuff that works good and wont be wasting my money on.
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    Don't use JDL. Call Crop Production Services turf division, they will ship for free.

    See my post below for a good 5 step program. I would say you will also have alot of zoysia and bermuda lawns, so you will need to fert in summer. Just squeeze another plain fertilizer app. in there and space them about every 6 weeks and you will have a good 6 app. program. You may need a lime app where you are at it is not recommended here though.

    Charge for that summer grassy weed control as one app., or you will be spending way to much time on some lawn spot spraying when it is hot out.
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    On thing about Cps is, I deal always with one person and my rep. is less squirrely when it comes to pricing then JDL in my experience.
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    In Oklahoma, CPS is now Agrium. Not sure about in your area. That is who generally purchase my product from.
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    PM Sent..............
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    There are stores in Richmond and Fredericksburg. You could call one of them but every store is different so be careful who you deal with. Make sure you get consistent service and pricing.
  7. why 6 step when 4 will work great!

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