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    Kidd trade is not panning out for the Mavs. What irritates me is that when they let S. Nash get away they said that point guards deteriorate after they turn 30. So they mortgage the future of the franchise for a 35 year old point guard. I'm not ready to give up on them in this series but they cannot beat the Lakers, Spurs, and Jazz. The Spurs are amazing. Talk about having the heart of champions. The Mavs are not even close to the Spurs in having the character to win a championship. I look for the Mavs to be a lottery team in two years unfortunately they traded those pics to the Nets for Kidd:cry:
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    New Jersey thanks you kindly for the draft picks. Enjoy your point guard.
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    Really haven't followed basketball in a long time, but it's good to see that the Celtics are good again. Although it's from free agent pickups and trades. I like seeing teams that succeed from within their own system.

    Denver can score points but no defense. Reminds me of the days in the '80s when Doug Moe was coaching. Score 120-140 each game and lose. Squeak into the playoffs and lose.
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    Throw in some brisket, and we'll send you Isiah Thomas...
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    That 3 pointer by Duncan was just incredible yesterday! That was a great game. Today's games have not been very competitive...:sleeping:

    How 'bout Danica Patrick making history in the IRL! Score one for the ladies!!!
    (you had to know I'd be on that one)
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    i think jason kidd is a bum

    sixers all the way

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    Nice to see Danica get that one out of the way. Maybe she'll pull a few more now that she has a W.

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    But the red sox swept the rangers. Im football and baseball here. African handball dosnt do it for me.

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    The stRANGERS are incredibly bad this year. I'm looking for heads to roll. They tried to copy the Sox by hiring a 30 year old to run the operation ala Theo. He has been a failure. I'm a Sox fan all the way back to Yaz and 67 series so SOX WIN! makes me happy.

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