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    Here is my story:

    Started mowing to pay for my flying and college summer of 2000. Things keeped on getting better and clients were just rolling in so I though why not just grow and keep it going. Business grew every year so after I graduated for college I just keeped doing it. So I am a Pilot and a Mowologist .

    Current equipment:

    01' Frieghtliner FL70 10" Leo/18' Bed?
    06' Dodge 2500 CTD
    06' Chev Duramax w/9' Hiniker scoop
    07' Chev Duramax w/9' Hiniker scoop
    Cat 252B
    Cat 247B
    Toro 52"
    Toro 60"
    2 Exmark 60"
    Exmark 72"
    Few Blowers and Whips
    Couple trailers and what not

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