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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by CNE, Feb 2, 2005.

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    A little info to share, I got a notice today in the mail. Pro Turf in Goldsboro is having a Pro Day on Feb. 16th. They will be having two pesticide training sessions (2 hours training credit), lunch, and equipment show and demo's. If you haven't done business there yet, they are pretty good people. They are a Toro dealer. Address is 2682 US Hwy 70 West, Goldsboro, NC. Just thought I would share with everyone. Begins with coffee and d-nuts at 8am. ends at 5pm. Stop by and see them.
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    This is unrelated but im looking for a used Walker in good shape here in NC! If you have any ideas give me a shout at my e-mail address, I have been unable to locate on so far.
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    I don't know of anyone who uses Walkers. I have a Gravely walk behind for sale if you know anyone interested in it though. 48" floating deck, Hydro, 15 Kawasaki, 30 hours, pistol grips, like new. 2002 model. $2500. email me at

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