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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by The Yard Barber Inc., Feb 3, 2009.

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    Does anyone know anything about the new law requiring a liscense to install and repair irrigation systems. Where to take the test, if there is a grandfather clause. Any info would help.
  2. Waterit

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    Don't know anything about NC, but have learned more than enough to rule out moving to Texas or Michigan.
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    Amen brother.
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    As much as this is about to sound cliche...

    The more regulations that get put in place here, the more stuff we have to do. The more stuff we are required to do, the more we have to charge... And the more we have to charge means... we make more money per service call.

    It used to be a rain sensor was suggested, now every homeowner is mandated to have one.

    We charge 120 for the part + 15 - 30 minutes of labor, and we billed an extra 155.

    It is something that the home owner should have in the first place to conserve water, now it has been mandated. I am in favor of that, because the customer no longer has the option to say "oh maybe next time, or I just turn my system off before it rains"
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    sorry for the double post!
  7. Waterit

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    Used to sell rain and freeze sensors as upgrades, rains became required by code a few years ago - still charge the same, but now they have no choice.

    I put freezes on all my comm properties at my attorney's suggestion - potential liability issue removed at a profit!
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    At least you finally got out of the "sticky".:laugh::laugh:
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    I heard that! What was it, 3 months? I'll never do that again:laugh:
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    As far as I understand they somewhat jumped the gun on the date the requirement would go into effect,,,which was either Jan. 1 2009 or July. The board is not even 100% set up, and there is no exam yet.
    There is some grandfathering which makes no sense to me. If you have been in business x years you are exempt. Also, if you are a CIC you are exempt. I went ahead and took my CIC exam and hope to get my results back in the next 2 weeks and be exempt.
    Do an internet search for "NC general assembly irrigation" and you will see the law.
    I hope this helps, it was the lazy man's answer, it has been a while since I looked at the law and I did not feel like researching it before I responded. I am all for it, but I think they jumped the gun, have some stupid loopholes, and have tarnished the credibility by putting it into law before it was prepared for it in 2010 though.

    Where in NC are you?

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