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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by WalkerMan9669, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Hi, im trying to find out what type of license i need to spray for weeds. I believe its called an applicators license, and people have told me its thru NC State.....but can anyone provide me with a phone number, and does it cost anything? Also what other types of licenses do i need? (im new to the business) Thanks
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    You do need an applicators license, you can take the test at most any cooperative exchange office, but the study materials come from NC State. Check this link for all the info you need to get licensed.

    Check with you city, county about a business license. May need a DOT number depending on size of vehicle. I would also get some insurance before I started spraying or mowing. Don't wanna lose the home over a stupid lawsuit.
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    You got lucky with the $50.00 license fee and I didn't see any requirements that you train under a licensed professional so you might get lucky on that one too.

    Here in Texas we have two different regulatory agencies Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Structural Pest Control Board. Both differ a little on their requirements.

    We go through TDA and are required to have a nursery floral certification $75.00 *this doesn't count the cost of your test* as well as a certified applicator license $180.00 *no test fees included here either*. These can not be obtained until you have held your technicians license for 6 months to a year *not sure what it is now...when we started you had to have an apprentice license for 3 months where all you can do is be a helper before you could even apply for a tech license but I don't think that is a requirement anymore*

    These licenses have to be renewed every year and we have to have 5 continuing education credits each year in order to renew.

    Now I know I was kind of harsh with you in earlier post but after reading and understanding just what is involved for chemical application *and I didn't even get into the training and knowledge you need to have, recordkeeping requirements or the extra insurance requirements* perhaps you now understand why I was :)

    All states are different then Texas. Some have less requirements and some have more. Please do yourself and the industry a favor and get a little training and knowledge under your belt. The green industry is not something you can just jump out there with no experience and be successful at.

    Your young and I admire your entrepreneur ism. Just be smart about your path and you will be a pro by the time you get our age *and I am still young compared to some of these guys.....but I do have a son thats almost your age*

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