NC / SC lawn companies.....


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Just checking to see how many lawn companies we have from NC or SC? Any around the Charlotte area? Our local association, The Carolina Grounds Management Association would like to invite you to our monthly meeting, our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 12th at 7:30 p.m. at the Mecklenburg County Office, 700 North Tryon Street. Our speaker will be Joe Garmon of Metrolina Landscape Company.

Last month was great, several local companies donated great door prizes! They were as follows: 2 one-day DINGO rentals from Sight Work Systems; Stihl blower from Pinkston Lawnmower; 2 ½ gal. Prosecutor, Water Soluble Fertilizer, and a jug of Finale from Lesco; Shindaiwa Backpack Sprayer from Barfields; 75 Bales of Pine Straw from Bingham Gold; Husqvarna Chain Saw from Park’s Chevrolet; 50 lb. Starter Fertilizer, bag of Shehandoah Fescue, and Manage Herbicide from McGinnis Farms; $150 Gift Certificate from Shepard’s Landscape Supply.

If any of you get a chance stop by or give me a call for information, we hope to have an even better meeting this month!



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I would like to come but I never win anything but a styrofoam beer holder from those type of events. When in 10 years my holders wear out i be there you can count on it


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Hello Ray,
I dont kow if i count, but i used to work for a large commercial mower dealer in Charlotte.
But have since moved a bit out of the area...(NY)...
I went to those meetings for 2 1/2 years, back when they were at the fish camp...
a lot of good info at those meeteings and a great association..
I would reccomend anyone that can get there easily should go.