NC Scag Plant Closing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cpa4t9r, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. cpa4t9r

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    From Greensboro New & Record:

    GREENSBORO — A precision metal fabrication company plans to close its operations here, putting 121 people out of work.

    Metalcraft of Mayville notified city officials today of the closure, which will begin about Aug. 17 and be completed by Sept. 15.

    The company, based in Mayville, Wis., operates a 217,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at 7055 Caindale Drive.

    Efforts to reach Martin Gallum, the company’s president and CEO, were unsuccessful.

    An official at Metalcraft said the company would probably put out a news release about the closing later this week.

    The company’s warning to the city called the move a “consolidation and closure.”

    Metalcraft has two other plants, both in Wisconsin.

    No mention that they make/own Scag. There's no reference to Scag on Metalcraft's site but theirs is linked from Scag's.
  2. delphied

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    No big deal. We are a service economy from what the experts write. We dont need manufacturing?
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    Which product did they make in N.C.? I know most of the products are from Wisconsin, didn't know they had a small plant in N.C. This is in line with most ZTR makers such as Exmark which has laid off a large percentage of workers. The newer brands that are growing are probably the only ones not affected such as Bad Boy.
  4. cpa4t9r

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    Don't know what products, if any, were made in GSO - probably some components w/~120 employees although they had full paint and metal fabrication equipment. Doubt there was assembly/testing in NC vs. WI. GSO plant was 220,000 ft and the remaining WI are 400,000 and 230,000 feet. Been hearing about Exmark layoffs etc. so not a surprise. Just mainly a FYI for anybody who's interested.

    Thought it was cool that Scag had a local plant when I was looking at ZTRs. At any rate, I got my Walker on Sunday. :clapping:
  5. tacoma200

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    Congratulations on the walker. Family owned company I hear which is rare these days. One of the best cuts also.
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    I have been talking about these top name brand companies pricing themselves out of business in this economy. I can tell the way the Scag and Exmark rep I've been dealing with is in a nervous jerk; that things are not good. He made the statement to me one day; that my dealer was doing great, but there were no easy sells for Scag and Exmark. They had to work hard for everyone they get, and as many deals fall through from credit problems as get carried out.
  7. flatlander42

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    Maybe all other brands will watch and learn, That they can't keep the price increase....every year, up, up, up.....and here we are people want our service cheaper.
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    I would question first what was made there. Metalcraft is Scag's parent company but Metalcraft also does other business. I know they have government contracts to make bullet proof Humvee doors and some air plane parts also.

    Metalcraft is much bigger than Scag.
  9. tacoma200

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