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  1. Isobel

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  2. Dreams To Designs

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    Associated Marketing is an NDS supplier in Philadelphia and they stock EZ Flow. Check with you local NDS rep for a supplier near you.

  3. superdirt

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    JDL in chelmsford has it. I bought some last week
  4. ECP

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    The NDS EZ FLow product is a great, gravel-less drainage system with many applications. Go to www.ndspro.com for more information on this product and where to get it.
  5. Isobel

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    really? don't you think i would have tried the website first? :dizzy:
  6. PI&L

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    How wide of a trench do you need to install the easy flow
  7. Dreams To Designs

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    Depending on the size of pipe and styrene aggregate, you will be at 7", 10" or 15" wide minimums. That will also correspond to depth, plus a typical 6" backfill. The 4" pipe encased in the 10" aggregate has been a good choice for swale and perimeter drainage applications.

  8. frotis

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    I've seen it at homedepot. :dizzy:
  9. JimLewis

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    I'm not convinced this product saves anything. We install a LOT of French drains. Typically about 4" wide trench. So the EZ Flow stuff would save us from having to haul in gravel and line the trench with landscape fabric. But as wide as it is, it would also mean we have to excavate and haul away a LOT more dirt than we normally would. So I think that's a loss, overall. I'd rather haul in wheelbarrows of new, clean drain rock than haul away more loads of soppy wet clay soil. I just can't see how this product saves me time or money overall.
  10. WGrnd21

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    Jim I agree, the goal today with issues in runoff and the need to conserve our ground water we as landscapers need to be installing drainage systems that catch water before they go into our community’s water supply or local bodies of water. I as well always use French drains and now rain gardens to manage drainage issues and unwanted run-off.

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