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I'm desperately trying to find a supplier that carries the NDS EZ-Flow Drainage tubes:

I've called and emailed every supplier I know of, and no one seems to be able to help me. Anyone know where to find this product?
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I'm not convinced this product saves anything. We install a LOT of French drains. Typically about 4" wide trench. So the EZ Flow stuff would save us from having to haul in gravel and line the trench with landscape fabric. But as wide as it is, it would also mean we have to excavate and haul away a LOT more dirt than we normally would. So I think that's a loss, overall. I'd rather haul in wheelbarrows of new, clean drain rock than haul away more loads of soppy wet clay soil. I just can't see how this product saves me time or money overall.
Well, we went through some certification classes today with NDS and got an opportunity to go over all of their products again. When we got to the EZ Flow, I stopped the presentation (it was a presentation just for our company) and started asking a lot of questions. Because, like I said above, I'm not real convinced this product saves me anything.

But as I started to understand the product better, my opinion started to change a little. I now feel there are some nice applications for this product.

For instance, installed underneath a lawn (especially in series, ever 5' or so) as a subsurface interceptor drain, I think would be a great application for relieving water saturation in soggy lawns. It would be done like this;

Another good application would be in French Drains. I am not quite as excited about using them in this capacity (in lieu of drain rock and pipe) because of the additional excavation and soil that would have to be removed. But, the good benefit of this product over using drain rock or river rock is that it increases the flow rate of water through it by 35%.

There are also some additional applications that are interesting. For instance, for use behind segmental retaining walls, instead of carting in gravel for drainage. Definitely big labor savings there.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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