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I'm desperately trying to find a supplier that carries the NDS EZ-Flow Drainage tubes:

I've called and emailed every supplier I know of, and no one seems to be able to help me. Anyone know where to find this product?
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Associated Marketing is an NDS supplier in Philadelphia and they stock EZ Flow. Check with you local NDS rep for a supplier near you.

Depending on the size of pipe and styrene aggregate, you will be at 7", 10" or 15" wide minimums. That will also correspond to depth, plus a typical 6" backfill. The 4" pipe encased in the 10" aggregate has been a good choice for swale and perimeter drainage applications.

Jim, I figured you would find enlightenment with additional research. I like to use the EZ Flow as a capture drain in swales and other low lying areas, and pipe it into a Flo-well or the "milk crates" Eco-Rain.

The EZ Flow captures and transports a great amount of water, easily and efficiently. As for the size of the excavation, sometime the 7" diameter product is sufficient, but the extra soil moved out for the 10" product eliminates the drainage issue, and around here, the soil is very valuable.

There are a myriad of products available in drainage, and most excel in a specific area, but are often marketed in too broad of an application. That NDS course is an excellent learning and potential profitable venture for anyone that works the soil. When approaching a property for any type of outdoor work, cutting, planting or building, soil and drainage should be on everyone's list to identify, work with, or correct.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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