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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Whitaker24, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Guy I treched and buried all the drain line off the gutters and connected them an ran out a 15ft piece of corrgulated pipe into a pop up emitter. I left it uncovered to be sure it would flow right. Which it did the water came out the cut out on the underside of the pop up emmitter. Question if I cover the pipe up ect will the emmiter pop up or not? I just had it stuck into the 4in corg. pipe with no adapter. I did put some rock under the emitter but nothing was covered up. We had a pretty good rain but the emmitter never once popped up.

    Is there an installation error?
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    The Pop-Up emitter is not an open or close setup. It will barely open most of the time in a normal rainfall. It is rare to see the pop up open very wide, unless it is a heavy rain event. Depending on the emitter you have, some are designed to fit right into corrugated pipe, or the PVC style needs a 451 adapter. When running drain lines, it is better to used DWV solid pvc pipe for many reasons, especially the ability to clean it out. Corrugated will follow every irregularity in the soil and not give the water a smooth path, unless using the solid lined corrugated pipe. Make sure the pupup will be able to drain any remaining water after a rain event. The NDS kit includes a short elbow with a hole in it and you can add some perforated pipe, right before the emitter to insure no standing water. I like to cover it all with a drain sock and add a few inches of gravel to keep my tubes empty.

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    I bought the adapter today at home depot, came home glued it up and stuck in emmiter, and then into the corrgulated pipe. I have the solid corrgulated pipe. How can it drain any remaining water? It has the notch on the bottom shouldnt it drain out of that? I tried to cover the remaining hole up but with all the rain last night its basically slop. Hopefully this week I can backfill it all again, and put some grass and hay out.

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