NE Atlanta-Downsizing Accounts,trucks, equipment for sale

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by lndscprwife, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. lndscprwife

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    We are a company located in NE Georgia and we have decided to downsize and work closer to home. So we are selling some maintenance accounts located in the NE Atlanta suburbs. (Duluth, Grayson, etc.)

    We are also selling 2 1997 Isuzu NPRs. They have automatic transmissions with O/D, a/c, enclosed box bodies (8' X 14') with full rack systems (trimmer-trap, shelving, etc.), 12,000 GVW. One has 120,000 miles, the other has 130,000 miles.

    We also have some mowers and small equipment for sale.

    If you are interested in some more information, let me know and I could give you the specifics on the trucks and equipment and could give you some general information about the neighborhoods and prices for the accounts. You can respond to this post or call my husband at (678) 776-3097 for more info.
  2. TotalCareSolutions

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    I just now saw this. Is anything left?
  3. lndscprwife

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    Total Care Solutions,
    Yes, everything is left. This is the only place I have posted so far and yours is the only response I've received. Give my husband Scott a call and he can give you all of the information about everything. His number is (678)776-3097. Jennifer
  4. work4green

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    Hey, This is a long shot... but would you have any brush cutters or clearing saws? What sort of trimmers/edgers do you have?

  5. smokymoose

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    Yes, I am very late in seeing this as well. Do you have any blowers left? Thank you
  6. carbon737

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    Just left message on your machine. Have any stick edgers or whips?
  7. 89Ranger

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    Anything left? if there is can you send me info on what is by pm message?

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