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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by ztrguy, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Lawn Lizards

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    Let's see, um....Ok, first, you should definitely check out this site. then click on Free Advice and then click on Management. Really good stuff.

    It seems like you are doing a LOT of driving. Whereabouts do you live? Couldn't you try to get more yards closer to home until you get enough in that area? Keep targeting those areas you were talking about.

    $30 - $35 is right for "per cut" yards. Most of ours are about that price. Our residential annual accounts range from $100 - $175/month. That includes trimming hedges when needed. Mowing every week in growing season and as needed during winter months. We also blow and bag leaves and what not. Winter time definitely makes up the money paid out in labor in the summer on annuals though. You know that.

    Try marketing more to places like Julington Creek where people have money and will be more apt to pay you all year round. We are concentrating heavy on the Fleming Island/Eagle Harbor area right now.

    Yes, a logo is definitely important. We have a slogan to go along with our name and logo. People like it I guess. They love our logo though. It's catchy and looks really good on shirts and stuff. You just want something that people will see and remember. Market it. Make stickers, shirts, hats, signs, blah blah blah.... ALL of your paperwork, letterheads and that stuff should have your name and logo on it, too.

    Commercial accounts can be tricky. A lot of it is luck, too. You just have keep trying! We can talk more about that later cuz I must get going now. Gotta eat! We mowed the 150 today! It was SO dang HOT. Time for cold beer.........
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    Well, I live in the Riverside area. On the nice side of Post St.
    I'm finding it hard to market in this area though. Julington Creek in definetly a great place to start. I gained several accounts there last year. All of my accounts are annual eccept for a few old ladies. I'm writing my goal plan for next year and determined to get where I want to be. Next season I want another truck ,trailer equipment with 2 employees. I know I can do it just gotta get off my butt. My Pastor lives in the Eagle Harbor community. There's another TNT Lawn Care that has a lot of business there. I know i'm always getting thier complaints. lol
    I'll keep working on it.... Thanks for the tips

  3. ztrguy

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    Do any of you have pics of your setup? Your equipment and truck. If not, what kind of setup do you have?

    Also, for all of you guys: What size properties do you all service? Is it possible to go for all small lawns down there?

    Thanks !!!!
  4. T-N-T Lawn Care

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    All I have are average size lawns. With the exception of a few large commercial accounts. There are literaly hundreds of subdivisions out here. And more coming up every day. I like the idea of getting more commercial accounts because they are worth more, however they do take a bit more work. And if you loose one of those accounts it could hurt you financially. Where as if you have several small accounts it's easier to replace. That's just my opinion.

    As for setup up I have all toro's at the moment, looking into getting exmarks and I try to keep two of everything.

    I'm working on expanding, hiring more people and buying more equipment.

    It' can be done....pleanty of business here in Jax.
  5. Lawn Lizards

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    I just got some pics that I had to provide with a commercial bid. However, I got a new computer and I need to mess with the scanner hook-up cuz it's not working. I will post them as soon as I get it set up.
  6. goodbeus

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    Let's see..I have 52" wb Exmark Viking hydro, 36" wb Encore, 20" Snapper, 2 Stihl edgers, 1 Echo trimmer, 1 Stihl trimmer, 1 Stihl BR400 blower, 1 Echo 46ht blower, back pack sprayer, 1 Stihl hedge trimmer, 1 Stihl pole trimmer...those are my main peices of equipment along with tools, supplies, etc...I have other equipment used for parts...I'll post a pic of my set-up soon...
  7. mowerparts

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    :) One 12 year old Dixie Chopper 60" cut.
    One Toro 36" cut 1 year old.
    One Gravely pro 40 converted to a spray rig.
    Echo, Husq, and sthil hand held and blowers.
    One 12x7 trailer.
    1991 Chevy Pickup with 104,000 miles.
    A bunch of other stuff for backups.

    Just started using Insure For Lawns, all Organic Fertilizer Products.:D
  8. GrassGator

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    :dizzy: I have a 48"Exmark rider with a 36" Exmark w/b. Between the 2 I can get into just about any back yard. Stick tools are all Shindawa (edger, weed eater, backpak blower) and have Echo backups. All gets housed in a 6x12 enclosed trailer. It gets tight when I add a 10' ladder, but it all fits nicely. I pull it all with a 1999 Tahoe.
  9. ztrguy

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    from NE FL
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    Anyone have pictures?
  10. goodbeus

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    What kind of truck do you use? Was in Riverside today and saw a girl doing a lawn, was wondering if it was you.

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