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    Urggh....only 9.8mpg towing. But a solid 15mpg unloaded around town, and 18mpg on the highway. My Toyota Tundra V8 got 12.5mpg towing, but strangely the same as the Hemi unloaded.

    But I love the truck. Handles great, looks great, brakes well(much better than Tundra with a load on), comfortable, and I plan on having it a long time.

    For real heavy use, I can see why some go for the HD w/ diesels to save some fuel, but I don't mind paying extra for the acceleration and quiet. (0-60mph in 6.8 sec according to Motor Trend).
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    Why do you not charge for trimming?
    It takes time to do it so you should charge something.
    I usually charge at least $25.00 extra.
    What do you think? Cost of gas has gone up need to recover cost some how.
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    We do have an Association in town called the PLSA (Professional Landscape Association).
    It is hosted by the Duval County Ag. Center on McDuff Ave.
    Our meetings are the 1St Mondays of every month.
    September 1 is the next meeting.
    We have classes on different subjects and round table discussions.
    You can also get CEU'S to get or renewal your limited spray licenses (yes you do have to have a license to spray round-up in the beds).
    I invite all the people on this thread to come to the next meeting.
    ItÂ’s free to come $50.00 to join for one year.
    Let me know If you are coming e-mail at

    Web page is


    Rick Santo
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    I forgot that Monday was a holiday.
    The next meeting is Sept 8

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    I am also moving to Jacksonville. I still have a job in Southern Fl. but i just spent all day yesterday out door hanging with my brother-in-law in orange park. I have Fridays and Saturdays off and plan to go back next weekend both days to do the same thing again.
    Now this what i need to know. For the price of the home what is the base price of lawn care. Here is an example:
    120K home and below would be 40 per cut times 42 times a year divided by 12 months equals 140$ a month. Is this the minimum price you go because this is what i was doing for a minimum.
    Homes from 120k to 250k i am using 50 per cut minimum 175 per month minimum in these neiborhoods.
    I am only asking because #1 I want to get business and #2 I don't want to under-bid i would like to be right in line with everyone else. Any replys would be helpful.
    Oh yeah, On my door-hanger i included a percut price and per month estimate and accessed the yard when i put them on the door.
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    Hi Crosson,

    You've got the right idea with the 42 cuts times 12, however I don't go by the price of the home. My price depends on the lawn and what they want me to do in man hours. For instance my home is worth $160,000 but the lawn is very small. $40 would be to much to pay for just regular service. If you go by the price of homes and not the size of the lawn your looking at overcharging in some areas and not enough in others. I have a few costumers that their home is only worth $80,000 and their lawns are huge so they are $50 accounts. Charge by the amount of man hours not the home. Figure out your costs and then how much you want to make an hour and go from thier. My price is $30-35 an hour and that's for regular service nothing else. My starting price for a very small lawn, say 15 mintues would be $25 nothing less and that's with a year round agreement. Which would equal $87.50 a month. I hope this helps.

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    Yes it does help. I went to a nice home in the Bent Creek area on 103rd and was passing out my advertisements and had a conversation with a home owner that was paying 140 a month. this would equal out to 40 a cut and the yard would only take me 30 to 35 minutes to do. and by your method at 35 min and 35 dollars an hour that equals out to 27 dollars a cut and only 94.5 a month. either the lawn care she had was over priced or these people are getting charged by the area as i am suggesting. here is another question. do u get accepted every yard u give a estimate at in this type of neighborhood?? because i do know that in queens harbor on the beach that they over price in there because of the million dollar homes in there. one guy told me that he gets 250 to 300 dollars a month in there and they take between 45min to 1hr. but he also has a box truck and wheres nice collared uniforms in that area. what i am suggesting is that you could make more that 30 to 35 dollars an hour. and if all of the LICENSED lawn care contract services stick together and price competitively we could make a killing and not get into this game of " I want 300 accounts to do by myself to make 100,000 a year profit" but instead you could have 100 yards and easily make that amount if your minimum per cut price was 30 dollars just to pull your mower off of the trailer. this would be a minimum of 105 dollars a month. if you had all 100 yards at that minimum you would gross 10,500 a month.
    gas 125
    insurance 175
    health insurance 600
    invest in business 2000
    total: 2900 lets just call it 3000

    so u pay yourself 7500 a month which is 90,000$ a year
    and this is just if u have minimum yards which 100 of these small yards in close proximity of each other is not a far fetched idea. you can easily do 20 yard in a day under these circumstances and have Sat. as a rain day or back up day and if u finish by Fri. you can just take the whole weekend off.

    as for me i will not be bidding in low priced areas and currently am not planning on mowing any yard for less than 35$

    What do u think about this?? am i being to far fetched??
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    (And if all of the LICENSED lawn care contract services stick together and price competitively we could make a killing)

    That is one of the problems here is they do not stick together, nor do they get education so they can stay in business. Like join associations.

    One thing you have to remember about Jax is the drive time. Traffic congestions are bad in popular areas plus wrecks and so on. I think you should adjust how many yards you can cut a day.
    That is unless you can get 3 or 4 on the same street.

    Are you basing you $amount on a solo operation or a 2 -3 man crew?
    Just thinking.
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    Lets be realistic i was basing it on a one man crew. but it will take a while and a whole bunch of advertising to reach this number of lawns. i am currently starting up my business and really hope to have 12-15 yards a day five days a week. this i think is a realistic goal. i am advertising in a tight work area so that i can achieve my goal.

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