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  1. bigamp

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    Hey Jax/OP this is my 1st year fulltime any advice. I'm planning on westside area. Anyone with me? Is Insureamerica local? If so may I have the number? I just did my DBA, are all of you set up?
  2. Qdriver

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    Welcome Bigamp,

    I am starting out part-time this year. I will be on the South side mostly. Depending on some plans I have though, I may have a run on the West side. A lot of building going up on the WS, I mean A LOT!

    As for Insurance, I am still working on that. I might go with JP Perry.

    I am a SP. I have my DBA and will receive my License and Zone variance soon. Equipment is in negotiation as well. It will all come together in the next month and a half.

    Look forward to meeting you at the Gravley-on-tour.
  3. bigamp

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    Qdriver what kind of equipment are you thinking about? What is the phone # of the insurance agency you spoke of? And what is a zone variance? We were just going to get a o/l is that the same thing? And yes we will be there.
  4. Qdriver

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    I have talked to a few LCO's around town and found out that it is best to find a good reputable dealer and buy from them.

    At this moment, I am planning on Toro & Stihl. I looked around at the larger (corp. type) landscape Co.'s and saw what they used. I figure they must know what works.

    Email me and I will give you the ph# I have for the Ins. Co.

    A Zoning Variance is what you have to get in order to "legally" run a business out of your home. You have to apply for an "Exception Application" downtown at the Court House. 220 E Bay rm100; p-630-1086

    It is to explain to the zoning board why you want to do business fr your home, what type of biz, survey & legal descrip of your property. The city has to notify everyone living w/in 350ft of your home.

    Once you get your DBA then you go to 231 E. Forsyth to apply for an occupational license. p-630-2080

    I wish you good fortune.
  5. bigamp

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    thanks for the info. I had not heard anything about a variance before how much does it cost?
  6. Qdriver

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    The application is $150. but you will not know the total cost till they are done (they charge you for "mandatory" city advertising and depending on how many people live 350' around you "$2 per person" I think. ) I am still getting all the required docs together. and they want four (4) copies of all docs and application.

    Anyway as for education.

    The person that I have found to be an INVALUABLE,..again invaluable source of info and assistance is:.......

    Pam Mattis: Extension Agent, Horticulture
    Duval County Cooperative Extension Service
    1010 N McDuff Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32254-2083

    (904) 387-8850

    Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday

    Traveling South on I-95, exit onto I-10 heading West. Take the McDuff exit. Turn right on McDuff Avenue and the office is about 1.5 miles on the left. It is a one-story, yellow brick building. NW Corner of McDuff and Commonwealth. Parking is located on the North side of the building.

    Tell her A Green Oasis sent you...

  7. bigamp

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    has anyone else paid for a zone variance?
  8. Qdriver

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    If they are a "home based" legal and legitimate business they have. However, you will find a lot of people do not do what is required.

    You can get away without the variance until a pita neighbor calls the zoning office or a zoning officer drives by and can see equipment parked on your property. Then it's off to finesville.

    Now this only applies to "home based" if you have commercial property... you don't need it.
  9. bigamp

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    just called tax collecters officd sw Julie said I don't need zone variance because business is mobile. No customers will be coming in and out of my home to do business. Just thought I would pass it along.
  10. Qdriver

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    No, as far as the tax collectors office is concerned you do not need a zoning variance in order to get your occupational license.

    What the tax collectors office is talking about is that if you have customers coming in and out,.. You must have a different type of occupational license.

    HOWEVER, per zoning regs, (Zoning Code chp 656) if your business address is your home. unless your home is zoned commercial property, you WILL need to get a "variance" to run a "commercial" business from your "residential" home.

    Call the zoning office,.. 630-1086. They will give info on the zoning regs,..

    I would hate for a "little ol' lady" to call the zoning office jus' 'cause she "doesn't like you to park your trailer next to her property." and you get a big fine.

    Look forward to meeting you at the Gravley seminar on Thursday.:)

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