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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by humble1, Feb 8, 2008.

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    There was some discussion on soil compaction increasing certain weeds I can see this as possible. There was also some discussion about Mg levels if there are good amounts of Mg then certain weeds will grow. If there is less Mg the weeds dont grow. Does anyone have a good opinion on this, and is there a way to decrease the Mg levels?
  2. humble1

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    crickets chirping---
  3. ICT Bill

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    Once Mg levels are elevated it is very difiicult to get them down. Often you will have to elevate other minerals in the soil to match it. This is good reason to use calicitic lime instead of dolomitic lime if you have liming as part of your practice

    Dandelions for instance love compacted soils, that is why you often see them next to the drive way or sidewalk. Let me back up on that statement. Dandelions are opportunistic to compacted soils as well as any plant that has a tap root like that. turf, for instance, has a very difficult time penetrating the soil but dandelions don't.
    This brings up a very important point about weeds and disease, these things are opportunistic to the environment that they are given. They are the first ones to be able to colonize an area that has given them an opportunity.

    If you spray fungicides, the first ones that will come back are typically pathogenic because they can move quickly into an area that is void of other beneficial fungi. anyway what did that have to do with Mg

    We have previously discussed the importance of having a 7 to 1 Ca to Mg ratio to keep the soil open. I have seen this proven time and time again. Soils that you can not penetrate with an aerator, get the ratio right and VIOLA nice open soil
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    I would like to add, one mans weed is another mans treasure.
  5. ICT Bill

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    Speaking of treasures

    Has anyone tried using plants to relieve issues like compaction in the soil.

    For instance, intentionally planting plants with large long tap roots in dense plantings for a year and then wiping them out and planting something else like turf.

    Or intentionally planting something that is Mg hungry to lower Mg in the soil

    just something I have been thinking about lately
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    Sulfur will help remove excess mg, gypsum will as well and add calcium at the same time, If your pH is good or you need calcium, use the gypsum, if its high use the sulfur.

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