Nearly 4 mows and bye bye.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dolt, May 14, 2010.

  1. dolt

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    My first client i had to say enough is enough . I mow one of her houses that she rents out to her son . Anyway after first mow i had to call her and let her no job is done so i then wait 20 minutes for her to turn up and pay me ( k no worries ) second mow same thing but after recieving money i asked if we can organise a way to leave money some where at back of house ( which half my other clients do ) she wasnt keen with that so i said well u can pay via net bank she said i can do it but rather not , so she says i will leave it in mail box , k cool . Third mow no money in mail box , had to meet her some where and collect money , fourth mow she promised to leave it in mail box . So i turn up today to start mowing check mail box (no money) so i call her and say the money isnt there as we organised , she said i will be around shortly and hangs up . So i start on edges , she pulls up i turn of edger she says i didnt tell her exact time id be here , i say well its very hard to give exact time and i did say in the morning before 11am , and i say look doing this every visit is getting silly , calling you , sometimes meeting you at a silly place to collect money it doesnt have to be like this,i offered again for me just to leave invoice so she can just pay via net bank or post a check or have money at a designated spot at premises , she says well you dont have to mow it if you dont want to , i handed money back and said have a nice day and packed up gear and left. Seriously one time she wanted to meet me in a car park to collect money . So bye bye .
  2. GardnerLandscaping

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    whats wrong with invoice and mailing a check? invoice a couple by email and they mail a check. i had one of those rents out to son houses. i dumped the client because she wanted it done once per month and it was a huge yard with lots of work. wasn't worth how much she wanted to pay so i fired her by charging her double for monthly since the son didn't mow.
  3. PerfectEarth

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    Dolt, sorry to say, but it sounds like you are the one being the pain in the a**.... Just invoice your customers!!! It's part of doing business!! They don't wanna deal with running around and remembering what day you come and running money here and there....blah blah blah....make it easy for them! Yes, we need to get paid but c'mon.....I send all my customers detailed invoices with self-addressed stamped envelopes. Sorry man, but from how you tell it, I wouldn't want you bothering me over simple lawn service either!
  4. BCL Services

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    No doubt. Looks desperate to a customer in my opinion.
  5. cpmai

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    In this business (any service related business for that matter) customer service/relation's is priority,doesn't sound like she was getting very good customer service running all over creation to pay you. Just invoice them,much easier for everybody.
  6. dolt

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    Eh , I asked her a few times if i can just leave her a invoice so she can pay it via net bank or send check , it was her that didnt want that ,it was her that wanted me calling her and wanting to meet at stupid places to get paid . I offered these payment options .
  7. dolt

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    Also i did ask to send invoice to her house but she was not having that ( maybe thinks id rob it , who knows ) she was offered easy ways to pay but no she was just a pain in the ass , she basically wanted me to call her when job was done and wait on her , bye bye
  8. AllSeasonServices

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    I dont ask the customer how they want to pay. If we have a service agreement you get a detailed invoice every month to be paid within 15 days. If it a one time thing like a planting or lawn renovation the customer pays in full upon completion... No exceptions.
  9. dolt

    dolt LawnSite Member
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    Only been doing this for 5/6 months only got around 20 clients most people just pay cash . Im trying to ease them into me just invoicing them and then pay by net bank or send check as a option from leaving cash but alot just dont use internet banking or use checks . I dont no what above posters are reading but i clearly say that it was her that wanted to run around and meet me in car parks so i can collect money , not me saying to her hey meet me at car park so you can collect money.
  10. MikeKle

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    Why did you hand the money back from the last mowing? You were owed this money..right? Even if you are dumping her, keep the money!

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