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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by zak406, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. zak406

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  2. Big Bad Bob

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    I tried it out about a year ago. While it is kinda neat, for my money I can just scan the receipts and manually file them. When I tried it, the machine was $400.00. It does what it says but too pricey for what it does as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Patriot Services

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    I looked at it too and was put off by the price. The scanner itself is nothing special so it is more of an overpriced software program.
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  4. Big Bad Bob

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    Yes. It is simply a scanner with hopped up text recognition software. Most of it I can do with my Lexmark copier scanner printer. It just takes a few seconds longer to do the filing. And with the Neat scanner, you often have to, also, manually enter information.
  5. zak406

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    very nice that was the info I was looking for thanks guys
  6. Envision

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    It was mentioned the other day in a thread, however allows you to scan receipts with your smartphone, it then uploads them to their site. I've started using this and it has been working great, plus it is free.
  7. grass-scapes

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    Ive used paperport pro for a while. It came with a xerox scanner that I bought. I am constantly scanning and faxing so I bought a nice scanner that automatically fed paper (up to 50 sheets).

    Ive upgraded twice. I like it much better, even though it is nothing more than an interface for folders on your hard drive. It shows thumbnails and many other features which makes it nice. Its about 100 bucks to upgrade it, but its free with the scanner. You can buy it online from Nuance.

    Now, I HAVE the neatreceipts scanner. Im not anywhere as thrilled with their software. I use paperport most of the time. It is nice though when you import the receipt to quickbooks and it automatically enters it in for you. You can scan the receipt. Once it does one receipt with the business name and what you file it under (fuel, parts, etc.), each time you scan another, it will automatically file it for you. You can import it into quickbooks and it will put it on the correct tax line there too. It has its good points.
  8. mtdman

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    So the neat software is compatible with quickbooks? That was my biggest question about it.
  9. corey4671

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  10. JB1

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    i still don't see the point.

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