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    I wanted to know if you have seen, used, or know anything about these guys. If these trailers are well made it would be a great replacement to my current one. According to the website they can be custom built to your specs. I would use it for mowing routes, brush hauling and mulch delivery. It would also be nice to be able to load pallets of materials, or shift a load for better balance. Forgot about leaves, another go use.
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    I have never seen them before, but I have many questions that the website doesn't answer about the floor. I'd want to know what keeps debris from falling down the sides and damaging the conveyer? Does the conveyer run on the break away battery or does it have it's own battery that needs regular charging? What size motor runs the conveyer? What capacity does the conveyer really have? What happens if some dirt is not mounded exactly in the center, will it still work smoothly? They say the can make the trailer with a 14,000 lbs capacity, but that would have to be one hell of a motor. I think they should have more pictures of different models. The width is 80 inches, which for me would be a bit narrow. To top it all off, I don't like the name, it looks like Nea Trailers, not Neat Trailers, like they intended. Ultimately, I could see potentially buying one, but I would have to see one in person and really look over it, this all too depends on the price. If it wasn't substantially cheaper than a comparable dump trailer, I'd second guess it.
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    It's a "neat" idea, but to me it seems like there are too many parts to go wrong. But, it could fill a niche for specific business owners.

    A low-boy dump trailer would do the same type of work.

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    I looked one over at the GIE in 2009. I really like them but the are expensive v.s dump trailers. I like the side conveyor for loading wheel barrows but I'm in the process of making a tailgate attachment for my dump truck similar to the DOT trucks that freshen gravel on the meadian. Small conveyor belt at tailgate that spills gravel to one side. The trailers are "neat" but I'm a fabricator and can do something similar on the cheap.
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