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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HarryD, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. HarryD

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    In light of the new law requiring us to charge sales tax on herbicides and pesticides. How do we go about doing this since most guys include fertilizer & herbicides & pesticides into one application. just tax it as a whole or or charge separately.
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    The sales tax only applies to pest control and the Dept. of revenue defines PEST as animals including insects. But not plants.

    SO we collect sales tax on the grub or insect control only. (not weed control) If it is part of a program and that application is not itemized separate then we have to collect tax on the whole amount. If the pest control app. is itemized as a separate charge then just collect sales tax on that amount.

    Confusing isn't it.

    I don't include grub control in my program but offer it as an extra if needed. So I will be able to keep the charge separate and just collect sales tax on that amount.

    There are also some changes in sales tax on certain parts of landscaping service .

    I don't have all the details on that but I will be working closely with my accountant on it .

    Good Luck.
  3. HarryD

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    that makes sense. I only put down insect control if I see activity so this will not be a problem. thxs for the info Paul
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    It won't be long until we will be collecting taxes on all of our services with the shape our state is in financially! :angry:
  5. Nebraska

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    When you use a combo product separate it out on the invoice as one application as fertilizer and one application insecticide.


    Fertilizer step #4 - $55, no tax on this one
    Insecticide step #5 - $55, tax this one

    We market a summer fertilizer as one application and the insecticide as a separate application even though they are all done at once.

    Email me if you want more details Harry.
  6. Nebraska

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  7. morturf

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    Look at this site which the state has provided. I think they should just make it all taxable since it will eventually go that way The guy that wrote this law has no idea how the lawncare business works. More paperwork the way it is than if it were all taxable.

    I am from Iowa, we tax everything over here!

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